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Aug 10, 2011 04:19 PM

Any REAL North Italian in or near OC?

Affordable or at least semi-affordable would be nice, too. Any suggestions? If not in or near Orange County, where?

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  1. Can you give an idea which Italian places you have been to in OC that you don't consider "real" northern Italian?

    By northern do you mean Tuscan, Venetian, Piemontian, Ligurian, etc. Each region in the north has specialties and styles all their own.

    1. Not sure what you are looking for, but there is an excellent Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach called Basillico's. It's a small place with only a few tables and there's usually a wait, but it is really good.

      1. I like finbars in seal beach.
        papalucci in belmont shore is good, great value. crowded.
        fora in naples, long beach--expensive.
        however my fav. italian is parolaccia osteria long beach--great value, crowded.