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Aug 10, 2011 03:02 PM

Newport advice

My wife and I will be in Newport for Thurs/Fri in a few weeks. I love all seafood; unfortunately, my wife loves crab, and will eat shrimp, and in a pinch lobster, but thats it. Sadly, New England is more lobster/clam/mussels. My wife is also something of a picky eater, so places with 6 entrees on the menu are generally no good. Recommendations for places that can cater to us both? And any specific dish recommendations would be great!

Some places I have read about on the board that I was thinking of:
The Mooring
Cafe Zelda's
Perro Salado
The Black Pearl
Clarke Cooke House

Open to any other suggestions. Thanks!

Cafe Zelda
528 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Perro Salado
19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

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  1. you will both do well at those places. you can go land or sea at all of them. i esp love the mooring and perro salado. clark cooke is quintessential newport, black peark is OK but downhill. just grab a snack or drink on the patio.

    22 Bowens is good. Billed as a steakhouse but as you would expect has great seafood - and i see crab on their menu. Scales and Shells is good too and Salvation Cafe and Fifth Element. Avoid the Barking Crab and the Smokehouse at all costs.

    the lobster boil at the Mooring is a steal, you could eat the clams/mussels or she could just ask for it without. their crab cakes are excellent and their scallop chowder, lobster "roll" (its on a croissant) and lobster baggadonuts are among my favorite dishes in town.

    will you have breakfast lunch and dinner both days? a few of those are open for lunch but others not so you may want to slot in accordingly. lunch at mooring, 22 bowens and clark cooke; dinners at perro salado, 22 bowens or salvation cafe. check out franklin spa or corner cafe for breakfast.


    1. The Mooring. Perfect for both of you.

      1. We were in Newport last week. We had a light bite at Zelda's. The Clam chowder is delicious. Just creamy enough not too heavy with chunky fresh clams and potatoes. The fired calamari was a bit salty. The seared sesame tuna appetizer was outstanding; with the soup, I was quite full

        We went to Perro Salado on Friday night. Start with the chili margarita. The duck taco appetizer was yummy made with the real Mexican cheese. The pork enchilada with raisins was a bit lighter but fresh and tasty. They had a special chorizo with clams served in a broth with tortilla's - a real unexpected surprise. perro is a must try

        Perro Salado
        19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840