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Aug 10, 2011 01:54 PM

Korean restaurants/grocery stores in Sao Paulo?

Hi everyone -

I'm going to be traveling from the northeast to Sao Paulo tomorrow, and have heard rumors that there is a rather sizable Korean population there. I am hoping to stock up on some staples, but Google is letting me down...does anyone have any suggestions for a Korean grocery in Sao Paulo? We'd prefer somewhere more central, if possible. Also, if you have any recommendations for a great Korean restaurant, that would be appreciated as well! Thanks!

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  1. manta I can't help you with specific recommendations, but the São Paulo neighborhoods with a sizeable Korean population are Bom Retiro, Aclimação, and Brás. Aclimação being more residential and the others more commercial. If you are looking principally for Korean products my suggestion would be Bom Retiro and the area around Rua Tres Rios which definately has some markets, cultural centers, is where an annual festival is held.

    For a few restaurant recommendations in Portuguese the Veja SP site lists a very small number (aclimação would be lumped in with liberdade in the region search).

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      muito obrigada! we ended up being stuck in the outskirts of town for the 2 days we were there (unfortunately, our trip was for business, not vacation) - but now we know where to start the next time we're in SP! :)