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Aug 10, 2011 01:44 PM

China White vs. Crew: Greenwich, CT

Any opinions on these two places and the location in general? We have eaten at the CW in Purchase and liked it. Last night we tried Crew and thought it was just ok. liked the concept but not exciting. "Screaming Shrimp from hell" were just 3 small shrimp in really salty brown sauced mess. On the way out CW was just as quiet (yes rainy tuesday night at 8ish in August) but wanted to see what others thought...also has anyone eaten at both CW locations? any food/service differences? thanks is advance

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  1. Both chinawhite restaurants have the same executive chef, who hails from Hong Kong and they use an interpreter to put out food that is authentic Chinese cooking using organic, high quality ingredients.
    The one at Purchase opened first in May and has a Hamptons kinda feel to it and is open for lunch & dinner and has a full liq license with organic takes on tiki bar cocktails that's pretty cool. The one in Greenwich is more like an art gallery-style setting and they have beer, wine, sakes and organic sodas. I'm a huge fan of the ginger peach iced tea which comes with quite the presentation.
    The only time I've ever eaten at Crew was to try their burger which was toted as the best in the area, but I was not impressed, so I never went back.

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      Yes that tea presentation at the CW/Purchase was impressive But it did take up a ton of space (and time) on a rather small table at least for the way we ordered (lots)...

    2. I dined at China White last night and thought it was very good. The service was impressive, the servers watched you very closely so that courses were delivered right on time, water glasses always refilled, the presentation was elegant, sleek, and clean. The food was very tasty and I enjoyed their homemade sodas and cotton candy with the check!
      As for Crew, I visited once last year, found the food okay but nothing special and haven't returned. There was only one other table eating and a rowdy group at the bar.

      1. Have not been to Chinawhite. Went to Crew last year and it was ok, nothing spectacular that had me rushing back so haven't been back since. The service at Crew could have been better, they were a little disorganized, not enough to complain but enough to be an annoyance.