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Aug 10, 2011 01:44 PM

breakfast between Stowe and Canadian border

Looking for a breakfast spot between Stowe and Canadian Border... Craving for fluffy pancakes, so heads-up on that would be appreciated!

Will be direction Montreal... small detours are no big deal.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

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  1. village restaurant in hardwick is kind of nice and cute- right over a river in a cute town. This was a favorite of former chief supreme court justice Rehnquist.

    1. If you would detour into burlington.. Penny Cluse Cafe is amazing!

      Penny Cluse Cafe
      169 Cherry Street, Burlington, VT

      Penny Cluse Cafe
      169 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

      1. We often stop in Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, Vermont on our way up and back from Montreal.

        Sneakers Bistro & Cafe
        36 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404

        1. Dutch Pancake House in Stowe. I like the savory pancakes with potato and onions. Its a cross between a pancake and crepe.

          1. Favorite breakfast places in Burlington: First, Penny Cluse, per the prior message. Second, Magnolia Bistro, I find the food at Sneakers too busy, but some people love it. On a weekend expect a 30 minute wait at any of these places.

            Hardwick is somewhat of a detour northeast of Stowe. If you're willing to go that far you might also check out Rainbow Sweets in Marshfield. It may not have pancakes, but the owner (known as a 'character,' I enjoy him) is an incredibly good patissier.

            Penny Cluse Cafe
            169 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401