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Aug 10, 2011 12:32 PM

boston and the cape for a week

Hey, me and my partner are going to be in Boston from aug- 25- sept 2. I used to live there but left 10 years ago and realize I'm a little rusty with my foodie knowledge. My question to everyone out there in chowhoundland is if you had a week to show people around to wonderful, possibly underrated, and delicious places in the city and cape cod, where would you take them? I'd want to go to some classic and not so classic restaurants with unpretentious, great food, so we need some suggestions.... p.s. we'd like to hit up a couple joints in the north end.


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  1. North end good/ok/avoid:

    For the cape, post over in the Southern NE board, and mention where you're staying (it's a big place).

    1. Lots of great info on this board - see what jumps out at you from the numerous prior posts on these areas and ask for current opinions or recent experiences to get more specifics such as what dishes are great, etc. Enjoy.

      1. 2 places i love in cape cod if you are in the west yarmouth area;
        -captain parkers pub (usually busy with a wait) , best chowder (thick and creamy) ive ever had.
        -keltic kitchen for breakfast

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        1. welcome back to your former home; you'll see alot of changes. here are some links that may be of interest- that address the bigger boston picture, in case they might be helpful:

          Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:

          Also, some extra Boston food profile info for you:

          shopping for Boston food souvenirs:

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            Cape Cod - The best IMHO is 28 Atlantic at the Wequasset Inn in Harwich. The views, the menu and service are very good. The food is also good but a tad bit spotty. Ocean House is consistent and amazing (Dennisport on the water). I love Mac's Shack in Wellfleet for creative sushi. PB Boulangerie is amazing for French pastry same town. For a great seafood shack BYOB on the water, Sesuit Cafe in Dennis.

            No offense but Capt. Parker's Pub is really just that, a basic pub. You can get their chowder base all over the Cape including at Hall Oil in Dennis at the hot dog stand!! IMHO the best breakfast is Hangar B Eatery at Chatham Airport. Chef Erskine used to be at Chatham Bars and makes an amazing hash. He made a veggie portion for me..super place.

          2. While we were at the Cape, this year, we tried 3 new restaurants that were all

            Great finds. Of course we also still went to 1 of our favorites, the ‘Bass Tavern’
            at the Whitman house.

            The 2 Wellfleet restaurants we liked were

            ‘The Pearl’ (corner of Commercial St and Kendrick Ave in historic Wellfleet Harbor)

            *the locals said it closes some time in October for the season.


            and ‘Catch of the Day’ (975 Rt 6, at the light to Marconi Beach



            And if anyone is in Ptown, we also liked Fanizzi’s.