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Aug 10, 2011 11:59 AM

Out of the ordinary wedding venue in Toronto

We are planning our wedding for November and are looking for some ideas for a unique but reasonably priced venue - don't want to spend a fortune.
We are looking to do a casual evening event, about 125 people, with food stations and a large dance floor. Have looked at lots of places mentioned on this site but no luck so far.
We want basic, hearty food. I would prefer to bring in my own caterer but would settle for an onsite one if they could do what we are looking for. Definitely would like to bring in our booze too to keep the costs down. We are willing to look at unique venues - not a big fan of banquet halls. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The Richmond might fit for what you're looking for. They fit 120 for a station style event. They have a prefered supplier list and I've worked with all of the caterers in the past. My fav on their list is 10vation. Great food and very accomodating with what you're looking for on your budget.

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      I was also going to suggest The Richmond. It seems to fit you perfectly. Here is a link to a wedding that took place there. Just click on the gallery. I do personally prefer to work with Daniel et Daniel at The Richmond, but 10tation is also good and may suit you better. You can also bring in your own alcohol.

    2. I would also try the Gladstone Hotel. It is a really great space and they can hold up to 250 in their biggest area.

      Gladstone Hotel
      1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

      1. November is, far and away, the busiest month for events in Toronto. Whatever you do, I recommend you decide swiftly. I apologize for the additional pressure, but thought you should know. Good luck.

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          You're very right Googs. I would say book ASAP and then dig into the details.

        2. I'm having mine at The Assembly Hall in Etobicoke. 125 ppl, and bringing my own booze and caterer.

          1. We got married at Currie Hall at the National Ballet School, and thought it was a great venue (I think it's fairly reasonable too, though can't recall details). It's a former Quaker meeting hall. You'd have to bring in a caterer.

            I also quite liked the Gladstone when we checked it out as a venue.

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              If I remember correctly, one of the benefits in going with Currie Hall is that they have an on-site kitchen. If you're going the caterer + venue route, that will help with the budget.

              To be clear, is your wedding this November (2011) or next November (2012)? If the answer is 2011, I'd follow Googs' suggestion and book something ASAP, especially if you want a novel venue. My advice would be to look at the websites of major catering companies like Daniel et Daniel. Browse through their lists of suggested/partner venues. Call these venues one by one to find out what's still available.

              Would you consider more of a cocktail style party? You could still have food stations, but not requiring full service tables will possibly open up a lot more venues to you.