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Aug 10, 2011 10:39 AM

Retro Dessert Ideas needed

I am going to a potluck and the theme is "retro", think 80's. I have offered to bring deviled eggs and a dessert. I'm thinking of something like Sex in a Pan where I can take the original recipe which (in my house at least) called for pudding mixes and cool whip and make it from scratch for a tastier end product. There will be about 10 of us ladies and we're doing it under the stars with Sixteen Candles or another such classic playing in a makeshift backyard theatre.
Please share your ideas with me!

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  1. Fondue is pretty retro, so maybe a chocolate fondue? Death by Chocolate also reminds me of childhood.

    1. This potluck sounds like lots of fun! I just ran across this recipe for homemade oatmeal cream pies and thought I'd share it; I have great memories of eating these pies in the '80s!

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        Good idea! I just made homemade devil dogs (or whoopie pies if you make them round) for a party and it was a huge hit.

      2. Baked Alaska would be fun. Altho' guess it depends on how retro you wanna get!

        1. Kiwi fruit desserts remind me of that '80s era --I also became aware of pumpkin cheesecake back then.

          1. Chocolate mousse cake, mud pie.

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              raspberry danish junket - danish raspberry pudding packages, fold in defrosted frozen raspberries (or fresh in season), top with fresh whip cream, serve in wine glasses