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Aug 10, 2011 10:19 AM

supermarket and restaurant help! please

A group of 6, 3 adults, a 4yr old, 7yr old and 16 yr old will be in San Diego next week for 8 nights. We are staying at the Sheraton Suites downtown. We will have a car. I am looking for a good supermarket to fill up on some supplies for week. Also looking for good restaurants for our group (kid friendly). Thanks!

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  1. do you want a general supermarket? I'd recommend, trader joe's, or henry's, maybe whole foods if you want to spend more.
    Ethnic markets? Mizuwa, zion, ranch 99.

    as far as kid friendly restaurants, there are a few threads on here about that already. Also, check this out.


    1. There are two 'regular' supermarkets downtown (Ralphs and Albertsons). We also have Trader Joe's and Sprouts (smaller, but with enough) and ethnic markets of Mediterranean (La Mesa and El Cajon-take the 94 and head East) Asian(Clairmont Mesa area-take the 163) and Mexican (everywhere in the county- which is 4200 square miles; my favorite is very large at the 805 and 43rd street)

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        Mona Lisa Deli for Italian goods.

        Farmers Market in Little Italy for fresh produce.

      2. Albertson's in the East Village and Ralph's in Downtown are the two best for your basic needs, both have convenient underground parking and are large chain markets.

        There is an area called Liberty Station, an old navy base converted to civilian use and it has a great Von's Supermarket, a Trader Joe's and several great, family restaurants like the Corvette Diner, Oggi's and Sammy's, not to mention Coldstone Creamery.


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          Liberty Station is a great recommendation - easily accessible from the airport and a pretty drive along the harbor from where you're staying, In addition to the Trader Joe's and a big Vons there are lots of great pathways for walking, riding bikes and a great park for the two younger kids. As far as dining in Liberty Station I'd try Tender Greens. It's a great spot for lunch and your kids can run on the former parade grounds before or after you eat. For great pizza and even better craft beers (which you might need after traveling with kids!) travel about 5 more minutes to Pizza Port in Ocean Beach. Enjoy!

          Tender Greens
          2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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            Tender Greens?? Yuck, that sounds like way healthy food, slip across the walkway to Da Kine, for Kalua Pig, Kalbi Ribs, two scoops rice and macaroni salad!!

            Tender Greens
            2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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              Tender Greens is legit. I had some trepidation at trying it at first but all those fears went away when I first walked in. The food is top notch and a great healthy alternative to all the junk we typically eat when we go out. Even though it's healthy their food has plenty of flavor.

              Tender Greens
              2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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                Tender Greens is excellent. Da Kine has ok plate lunch. A tad pricey for what they serve.

                Tender Greens
                2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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                  I actually do like Tender Greens and liked Da Kine's better when they were in PB, but I am glad they've been able to survive at all. I support a lot of the places in Liberty Station because I would like to see the development succeed.

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              What makes Corvette Diner and Oggi's great?

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                I am not sure how this thread evolved into eating at Liberty Station. Mostly sterile corporate places. I went to Corvette diner b/c I happened to have a coupon and was at the (awesome) trader joes in the plaza. It was pretty awful. I mean I guess kids might like it (lots of games and kitch) but in no way, shape or form would I consider it worth going to on your vacation if good food is what you want.

                I use both the Albertsons and Ralphs downtown. Both are good. Get a shopper card from customer service when you arrive. Well worth it. Cathy mentioned above the market on 43rd. I assume it is Northgate and it is awesome-very accessable off the 805-probably 10 min from downtown if non rush hour. It is a modern Mexican market and you could have everything for a taco feast there-carne and pollo asado, carnitas, fresh tortillas, ceviche, quacamole, salsas,etc. Great meat dept. and deli

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                  So lyn, what are YOUR good restaurant suggestions for a 4,7 and 16 year old?

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                  I used to be friends with a guy who'd take his 3 year old daughter to Sakura and Ba Ren. She loved both places. It's sad to see people thinking that kids aren't capable of enjoying good food.

              2. Not sure what part of the US you're from or maybe not even the US, but you may find the typical mega marts to be more expensive than most other areas of the country. I'd recommend to stick to the front page specials, rely on farmers markets for fresh veggies and fruits. Having a group of six, you may wish to think of Costco as well. Most restaurants are kid friendly, depending on the time of day. Fiippis, in Little Italy, they have many locations, for a generic non gourmet pizza, very kid friendly and Burger Lounge.

                1. Head to Liberty Station for the Trader Blow's and Von's..it's about 10 minutes from downtown SD..
                  Kid friendly you could head up to Brigantine in Shelter Island for everyday happy hour..kids are welcome and they have great fish tacos..you can walk around the island and check out the boats..
                  Pizza Nova is another decent place to eat with kids...great pasta, pizza and beer/wine.
                  Tender Greens in Liberty Station...Con Pane for sandwiches.

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