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Aug 10, 2011 10:14 AM

Help! I have Japanese beetles and their larva ate my green beans :-(

I have seen these big huge green beetles everywhere and so far I thought they didn't do much damage but now I found their larva in a section that I planted green beans (which obviously didn't survive). How do I get rid of these? My book says to apply parasitic nematodes to the soil but it doesn't say what parasitic nematodes are. I would like to replant some stuff in this area before fall. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Here is an interesting page. Note the mashed banana/yeast recipe to put in a milk bottle to trap them. I'm going to try that although I don't have a big problem.

    I do have some Japanese beetles but they aren't on the beans although I have noticed some skeletonized leaves of some weeds in the bed. I also have borage planted and noticed the beetles prefer that, too. The link recommends borage as a trap crop. The article also recommends BT on the lawn. This is only my 4th year vegetable gardening in this location so maybe this is only the beginning of beetle problems for me. Good luck!

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      Thanks, I think I will try some of these home made traps. I didn't see where it recommended BT but I already have to get some BTK to control for moths so I wonder if it will do a double service. Thanks for the article!!! Very helpful!

    2. There's a difference between a Japanese beetle and the Green June beetle. Scroll down to see a photo of each...

      Here's some info on control of these beetles...

      If you elect to buy Japanese beetle traps do not place them in your garden. What you want to do is lure the beetles away from the garden, so put them in the same vicinity but a distance away from the plants you want to protect.

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        Yeah, now I am not sure whether they are japanese beetles or green june beetles. We do get a lot of June beetles around in the summer as well. Annoying little creatures!!! LOL. And up until now, they didn't do much harm they just scared when they would buzz by my ear. But not they ate my plant roots :-( so something must be done! Thanks for the article. And I think I have the prefect location for a trap if I decide to go with some. Thanks!