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Aug 10, 2011 08:26 AM

Whose got EZ Wings boneless wings????

So on National Chicken Wing Day, two weeks ago, I went to Two Drunken Goats and had the most amazing boneless wings!!! They called them EZ Wings. The server said that a company makes them locally and they are REAL wings WITHOUT the bones! Ok, so last Sunday I went to Bogart's in Boca to see a movie and THEY had them as a special. Has anyone else tried these? Do you know where else I can find them? I thought boneless wings were chicken nuggets.

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  1. Would this be Two Drunken Goats on Singer Island?

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    1. re: freakerdude

      Yep. Have you been there? It's a cool little place, great munchies and good deals on beer!

    2. Wait, chicken wings without bones? Does that mean there's skeleton-less chickens walking, well I guess not walking in this case since they have no bones, around somewhere?

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      1. re: lax2mia

        hahaha...actually I like mine relaxing in a pool of sauce with some pillows made of blue cheese crumbles!!! ;)

      2. Boneless wings - in most cases I've seen - are a complete fraud. I'm serious. I'm not sure why the FTC or FDA or someone hasn't stepped in.

        Usually they are nothing more that strips of breast meat covered in BBQ sauce.

        They are popular these days because real wings - once the castoff red-headed stepchild of chicken meat sections - have now become the high-priced darlings. This results in the odd situation where what-used-to-be prime breast meat is now being used as a substitute.

        Of course, white breast meat tends to dry out easily - thus the usual tons of bbq sauce. You can have them. I'll pay more for real wings.

        Hereby resolved phony wings (like "King Krabbe" meat) must henceforth be so designated.

        Boneless Wyngettes anyone?

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        1. re: CFByrne

          CFByrne: WOW. You nailed it right on the head. I can't stand chicken tenders posing as wings. I googled ez wings and got their facebook page. Looks like their for real. Even listed the restaurants.

          BTW...loved your "King Krabbe" meat line. lmfao

          1. re: pellegrinolvr

            Yes, I have read about these ez wings in the PB Post somewhere along the line.

            "EZ Wings are now available at Palm Beach Ale House, Two Drunken Goats, Johnny Longboats, Deck 84, Bogart's Bar and Grille."

            Bogart's Bar and Grille
            At Cinemark Palace 20, 3200 Airport Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

              1. re: pellegrinolvr

                Deck 84 is a really cool restaurant with bar on the water. Atlantic Ave. Delray.

                CFByrne- You have good points all around. I know real wings and these things were real.
                I just checked out the fb page and I'm glad to see Deck 84 has them.

          2. re: CFByrne

            So I dropped in to Two Drunken Goats and asked about the ez wings. Bartender said, "Don't order those because a lot of people send them back due to the gristle". She also said they are not going to sell them anymore in the future I believe. The menu says 6 deboned = 12 bone in wings which I do not understand why. They supposedly are not processed except for removing the bones. Why would 1 deboned = 2 bone wings unless they were processed together after removing the bones? Here is the article.


            Anyway, the food we ordered was average bar food. Conch ceviche app (10.95) was decent but had little bits of conch that were too hard to chew. My regular boned wings were cooked well but the chipotle sauce was boring. I would not go back here except to sit at the bar and drink since it is next to the beach.