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Aug 10, 2011 08:17 AM

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

I anticipate that this may be the first of several postings connected with our move from SF to Henderson in about 10 days. I have been reading the Las Vegas CH Board almost daily for the past year.

My first question is where can I find fresh-roasted whole bean coffee? I presently buy my beans at Peets and grind them daily.


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  1. You will be able to find whole beans from Peets at just about all grocery stores throughout the Las Vegas Valley, albeit not quite as fresh as what you have been accustomed to. You have a Whole Foods at 100 South Green Valley Parkway that should be convenient for the Henderson area. And one of the better coffee houses in Las Vegas is in the vicinity, Sunrise Coffee (3130 East Sunset).

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      Thanks for the quick response QAW. Are there any places that roast and sell their own beans? I assume (perhaps wrongly) that with all of the fine-fining places on the strip, there must be some local rosters to provide fresh coffee. I have tried internet searches and only seem to find on-line sites that sell and ship.

    2. Here are two links to local roasters.
      The second link is for a location in Green Valey which is part of Henderson.

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      1. re: Eric

        Thank you Eric. That is good news!

      2. Whole Foods on GV recently shut down their roasting stations....nothing fresh roasted is out anymore. I'm desperate for a good local storefront that sells fresh roasted whole beans. HELP!!

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        1. re: Toddmega

          Mothership. See recent posts on the topic.

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            Thanks. Went to Sunrise Coffee House today on Sunset. They carry mothership. Legit. Fresh roasted today. They roast on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Fridays according to the pleasant barista I met today. I recommend it!

            1. re: Toddmega

              Sunrise and Mothership are owned by the same folks, the beans are roasted at Mothership - 1 mile away on Green Valley Pkwy.