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Aug 10, 2011 07:43 AM

Fausto's or Ristorante Krizia?

I will be spending 3 nights in Budapest in early September. I would like to eat at one Italian restaurant and I don't know if I should choose Fausto's or Krizia. The rest of my plans are for Comme Chez Soi and either Costas or Onyx. I've also heard good things about AranyKaviar. Is this a good plan?

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  1. There is little to compare. Krizia os ok, not unpleasant, but neither memorable nor special in my view (admittedly others like it a lot; among the rather diverse range of folks I have eaten there with, mine is actually the most favorable take on the place, though; I do think regulars get very special attention from the owner, who is surely not inattentive to strangers, and he is a very nice guy with good taste in food). But Fausto's is in the running for being among the finest Italian restaurants in the world (perhaps excluding Italy, though in my view surely not excluding Rome). It is a fine dining setting, formal and even stuffy (in a manner that accommodates heavy-gold visiting seeming mafiosi on occasion within its definition of open-shirt-and-moussed-chesthair formality). Fausto's is a big deal and a great meal. And hard to find.

    The other major competitor for serious Italian, less formal, less grand, a bit noisier but no less serious about a somewhat less experimental menu, is Pomodoro. And for a sitting-around-the-table-with-family Italian meal, Millenium da Pippa (sp?). For fast food Italian (slowish fast food, but likely the best place for a light salad in the center of the city) the Budapest outpost of Vapiano (a German chain of very fresh Italians speedy places).