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Laurier Gordon Ramsay

So fellow friends...do I eat my words today and if so do I get heartburn?

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      1. I do understand from two people that the food was so-so but he was a genuinely lovely person...Hype is lovely but it is just that. The proof will come out over the next few months when he is gone...but I will try it and let u know - however I wish the owners good luck as I always do when a new resto business starts up cause it is the hardest business to own successfully

        1. report back on the chicken pot pie and mac and cheese smoked meat please. the former was always the only reason to ever go to laurier bbq at all in my books. that and the coconut cream pie, which i hope is still around.

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          1. re: OliverB

            The full menu is here if you want to take a look : http://www.lauriergordonramsay.com/me.... I don't see a coconut cream pie.

            1. re: Glaff

              Actually the menu prices seem reasonable except for the chicken prices which seem high...but the menu seems to have a good choice of alternatives...now it will be up to the chef de cuisine to implement the changes successfully.

              1. re: blondee_47

                a 1/4 breast 'dinner' at chalet bbq is $10.95 <---- now that is pricey

                1. re: celfie

                  As opposed to $14 chez Ramsay?

                  The whole menu seems a tad steep to me, since none of the non-rotisserie mains come with salad or fries except where it's integral to the dish -- thus a burger and fries is $17, which is edging into Dominion Square Tavern silly-land IMO.

                  1. re: Mr F

                    Prices are half of what they used to be, and if you want a burger and fries... why would you go there anyway? The menu sound sgreat imo, and I love that they serve liquors now.

                    1. re: Mr F

                      Meh, it's on Laurier in Outremont, as someone said the price for chicken dinners actually went down (probably with a better quality chicken to boot) and I find it reasonable for that part of town.

                      You can think what you want of the 'star', but Ramsay the chef knows a thing or two about food, speaks the language and, from all accounts, got what Laurier BBQ used to be...his staff there now has to execute and we will see how it goes!

                      Always good for Montreal to be talked about in the news as well.

                      Love the fact that they kept delivery option as well!

                      1. re: jfprieur

                        I said it seems "a tad steep" (not outrageous) on the whole, and cherry-picked one borderline "silly" example.

                        I do understand what and where it is, and yes, I agree that for the most part the chicken prices seem about right, assuming a massive improvement over the previous incarnation.

                        Notwithstanding mixed feelings about Ramsay as a media personality, I do plan to check it out for myself at some point.

                        @ Oliver, I hope you're exaggerating about the new prices being half what they were? Did they formerly charge $28 for a quarter chicken dinner? It has been many years since my last visit, but I remember prices on the order of St. Hubert plus 20-25% or so.

                        1. re: Mr F

                          I'm not exagerating at all... I paid almost $30 for a chicken pot pie and small dessert! It was bad and I left hungry. There's a reason why they changed ownership.

                          1. re: OliverB

                            $14 for a chicken dinner on Laurier in a restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsay seems like a better deal than chicken dinner for $10.95 on Decarie run by crotchety old women. I still love chalet, but $14 is hardly a ripoff

                            just for comparison sakes,

                            Fusee breast dinner is also $10.95 and St-Hubert is $9.95. Laurier is more expensive but it's also not st-hubert

                            1. re: celfie

                              celfie, I was talking about the old restaurant above, in response to Mr F's post. I think the prices are perfectly reasonable and expected, as I've said before. The old Laurier was outrageous; management was really switched off to think they could get away with that.

                              1. re: OliverB

                                I'm pretty sure Celfie was replying to me.

                                Look, as long as the chicken is very good, the sauce is decent and the fries and slaw are not industrial crap, I won't have a problem with the price.

                                But don't forget, I was originally responding to the notion that $11 at Chalet is pricey. There, I completely disagree. When I lived in the neighbourhood Chalet was a frequent stop, and I always considered it a terrific value. And I can't say I ever found the Chalet waitresses anything less than polite and efficient.

                                Given its location and Ramsay connection, $14 may not be out of line for the same meal, but don't you think it should at least equal Chalet?

                                I completely agree about the quality of the previous Laurier, BTW. On my one and only visit, it all seemed like a St. Hubert outlet in all but name, only not quite as good. I just didn't remember the prices being *that* outrageous, but then again my visit was at least six years ago, if not more.

                              2. re: celfie

                                Celfie a whole bbq'd chicken is 35.00 at Laurier..Hardly cheap; but I do find their other prices like the Salmon to be very reasonable providing of course that the salmon is not 3 oz...

                                Lesley Chesterman wrote a piece not to long ago to which I wrote a Letter to Editor that got published; her gist was that Montreal is home to many small and intimate restaurants whereas Toronto is home to big box, big buck restos. Frankly and for reasons not related to food I wish we had some big box big buck restaurants because that would mean our economy could handle that. It can't.

                                I am almost certain that when it came to cost and pricing and if Gordon Ramsay had a say in that, he would have been flabergasted at how inexpensive the majority of our restaurants are. Our high end prices are another city's middle of the road prices and I am sure that was a problem in re-opening Laurier. Let us not forget that in Laurier's heyday our population was bigger and so were our earnings and employment status.

                                As for Daniel Boulud's new restaurant we shall have to wait and see but he is opening at the new Ritz Carleton and part of the Ritz is also going to be very high-end condos so if he is able to hone in on just serving that area he will do fabulously well.

                                1. re: blondee_47

                                  Out of curiosity, when was the population larger? On a related note, just wanna say that I rather like that we don't have the money to support the big name places; seems to make the city a bit more unique and people tend to do their own things and go in their own directions instead of following trends quite so much. Too much money makes people lazy about food. After all, the soul of the world's best cuisines (Japanese being a notable exception) is the relentless pursuit of making something lovely out of something cheap.

                      2. re: celfie

                        I abhor this "sides not included" bullcrap.

                        edit: I see that thankfully with the chicken at least you get fries and slaw. phew.

                2. They serve Molson Canadian? I've never seen that in Quebec.....

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                  1. re: kpaxonite

                    I am not usually this hard on restaurants except that so much bad publicity surrounding Gordon Ramsay I cannot understand why risking his name in the title of a restaurant is so wise...everyone else is dropping him...


                    1. re: blondee_47

                      There were 75 journalists at the opening event. It made the front page of The Gazette and the National Post. Considering the media feeding frenzy and the fact that people here can't stop talking about the place despite not having even tasted the food. I think the name is serving them quite well.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        don't forget hobnobbing with Gerald Tremblay...

                    1. re: FrenchPeach

                      Apparently it can get hot in Hells Kitchen...

                      1. re: porker

                        those are not sprinklers, they are advanced basting apparatus for the chickens!!!

                        1. re: Maximilien

                          LOL poor Gordon! This must be a nightmare for him.

                    2. Not sure if someone has pointed this out yet, but I would not be shocked at all if Ramsay is seeing this as a comfort food style he can make his own and then franchise globally. Can you imagine him dishing out hot chicken and poutine in Dubai? I sure can.

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                      1. re: childofthestorm

                        The basic idea of branching out into midrange dining certainly makes sense in the context of a struggling fine dining empire, a name that is golden with the masses, and massive economic uncertainty. But unlike you, I would be surprised if much (or any) of the menu were to find its way into a new mass-market Ramsay empire.

                        1. re: Mr F

                          We'll see I guess. My cousin just reported back on the Shake Shack in Dubai, said the burger and cheese fries tasted just like they do in NY...and the line was just as long.

                          1. re: childofthestorm

                            Are you just kidding around or do you honestly believe that GR`s ambition is to open a global rotisserie franchiseÉ I can`t stop laughing....and you`re basing this off him opening one comfort food restaurant lol

                            1. re: kpaxonite

                              Nope not kidding. The trend these days towards is chef-driven comfort food at a fairly reasonable price. Shake Shack is part of the same restaurant group as the 4* Eleven Madison Park, Bobby Flay has a burger chain, etc.

                              I think to assume that a guy like Gordon Ramsay is not thinking about making the most money he can, with everything he does, is the joke here.

                              1. re: kpaxonite

                                I dont necessarily believe his goal is to have a global rotisserie franchise. Probably more of a casual family style restaurant that caters to local tastes. In high end restaurants food and service costs are massive. These smaller, more casual places often make more money.

                        2. looks like they reopen tonight at 5
                          i think i will order delivery today

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                          1. re: celfie

                            i read somewhere delivery starts in sept.

                          2. @ Celfie: Correction, at Chalet BBQ a 1/4 chicken dinner (white breast), served with fries and sauce is only $9. If you want to include soup or coleslaw it's $10.45. The same thing at Laurier is $14! And if you compare a whole-chicken, it's *double* the cost of Chalet BBQ ($15.95 versus $32.00)! Without a doubt, you are paying quite a bit more at Laurier Gordon Ramsay.

                            Of course more importantly than price, I sincerely hope Ramsay has restored their recipe and preparation for chicken, fries, sauce and lemon meringue pie BACK to that of Laurier BBQ of circa 1981. If the food is anything remotely similar to the (excuse my description) 'putrid crap' I tasted back in March this year, then not only is the price unreasonable, but the new restaurant will fail.

                            Of course we're talking about Laurier Gordon Ramsay, not the now defunct Laurier BBQ, and having not yet eaten at the new restaurant, I withhold any judgment for now.

                            In the meantime, I'm curious. Has anyone here tasted their chicken, fries and sauce? Has it noticeably improved and returned to what it tasted like in yesteryear?

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                            1. re: Apple IIGS

                              I went last week and posted a full review in the Rotisserie Laurier thread. Summary: disappointing. The fries and sauce were inedible, the chicken was ordinary, and the coleslaw was delicious but not the right kind to accompany this kind of meal (it was sweet and stringy, not crisp and tangy).

                              They may have improved upon these issues since last week though - my understanding is the recipes were still being tweaked.

                            2. Why oh why would I drive over the mountain,seek out parking, possibly change out of my wrinkled cottons for the pleasure of being fleeced at least double what a delicious meal would cost at chalet. Crispy, succulent and perfectly prepared chicken, delicious, addictive fries. Those crotchety ladies rock my world. If I want a fancy meal it won't be rotisserie chicken. When I want stick to the ribs, authentic, old school chicken, fries and gravy I don't need a celebrity brand to show me greatness.

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                              1. re: crispy1

                                but it's a local chef, Guillermo Russo, who's working hard to make his name; he will be the one who will get it to work not GR.

                                If I go to Laurier, it will be to support a local chef, not GR (who probably already forgot all about it by now)

                                It's really weird, I feel that you all want that restaurant to fail, just because Ramsay's got a foot in it ?!?

                                1. re: Maximilien

                                  That's the main issue, a lot of people want Ramsay to fail just because of what they read or see about him in magazines, on tv, etc. Judge him for his food please. Also, he wants that restaurant to be comfort food, not fine dining, so people need to modify their perception of what it is.

                                2. re: crispy1

                                  I agree with you, but aside from the marketing schtick, it's not a celebrity brand, it's a Montreal brand. I think a lot of you are overlooking that fact which surely brough GR to Laurier in the first place. Chalet will always be number one, but they do one thing only (and do it best). This new restaurant, like it's predecessor, is something different and always has been. There's room for that too.

                                  1. re: OliverB

                                    Having eaten at GR in NY I find it pitiful that it takes someone from outside to come in and show us the way it is supposed to be done. GR will take a cut on every meal served on Laurier. I ONLY want to support local chefs and it is a sad state of affaires that chef owners find it impossible to get capital. The re opening of an institution like Laurier took the financing of a huge Brand. My distaste for the whole thing is that it could have been done well and locally if the business environment here could have facilitated that process. I wish the local could have had local money behind it. I wish chef Russo the best.

                                    1. re: crispy1

                                      It was a failing business that got a much needed overhaul- who cares where the money came from? If you ate at GR in NY then there is a local contribution since profits (that you gave him) from that location allow him to expand his empire. I have no idea what `the whole thing is that it could have been done well and locally if the business environment here could have facilitated that process` means. Did you expect local chefs to go and lend a helping hand just for the sake of it? Getting capital means going to the bank and aside from perhaps having a local branch there is nothing local about banks. Obviously you harbour anger towards brands in general or GR or just talent from out of town coming to help. I`m truly mystified by your comments.

                                      1. re: kpaxonite

                                        @kpaxonite : well said!

                                        I also don't understand the hatred for people outside Quebec. If you'd remove all exterior $$$ for every business in Quebec, you'd be surprised what we were left with. People from outside Quebec are investing here, this is a good thing. We should be happy a renowned international chef now has a foothold here.

                                        1. re: Werzoth

                                          @Werzoth I am almost certain that the owners are licensing the Gordon Ramsay name and that this deal took place a while ago. I don't believe he will actually affect the way it is run on a daily basis.
                                          @The Chemist the portion of your comment that states..." wanna say that I rather like that we don't have the money to support the big name places; seems to make the city a bit more unique...is one the most absurd things I have ever read. Making more money does not mean we would abandon our small intimate restaurants but it would mean that our economy is thriving enough to support these big box restaurants as Toronto does and we used to be able to.

                                          Another statement you make "Too much money makes people lazy about food." are you talking about the chefs or the people who eat the food? I hardly think that if Joe Beef could open a restaurant that seats 100 and his investment is in that restaurant that he would allow himself or his chefs to 'get lazy.' Do you think that when a fantastic restaurant, like Liverpool House (by same owners as Joe Beef) has to close, that the owners are lazy about the food or could it be a fact that they couldn't make any profits because of our economy and the lack of enough of a population willing to spend or able to spend excess money in restaurants of that calibre?

                                          I thank you for the ability to have good discussions and to be able to speak our minds that are not always in sync with one another and I hope what I have said falls into that category of discussion.

                                          Joe Beef
                                          2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

                                          1. re: blondee_47

                                            Since when is Liverpool House closing (other than temporarily due to a kitchen fire)?

                                            1. re: eat2much

                                              Yeah, could you elaborate as you make it sound like they couldn't sustain enough business? The place is always packed. I tried to walk in on a Wednesday night just before the fire and couldn't get a seat at the bar. Are you sure you're not talking about McKiernan or whatever it's called?

                                              1. re: eat2much

                                                Sorry...made a mistake. I actually thought Liverpool House had been closed for good after the fire....I apologize and shouldn't be spreading rumors. To me 'Big Box' which is my own terminology for restaurants like Joe's Stonecrab (Florida and Chicago) One (Toronto) and Canoe (Toronto)...big and expensive restaurants. Not that I enjoy going to these kind of restaurants...i, too, prefer a smaller more intimate place....all I am saying is that I 'wish' Montreal's economy could sustain more than just the few steak houses that we have which are 'big box'...

                                                Well I think I have insulted some people and I surely wish to say now that I love Chowhound for exactly this kind of banter...please there are no insults meant on my part nor do I take exception from any body else... I love the input and output that makes our Chowhound so really interesting to read ....

                                                1. re: blondee_47

                                                  man, one in toronto is a mckewan restaurant. the guy's entire empire is in toronto. by the way, i thought one was terrible and i thought the staff were horribly rude but i digress

                                                  and if we had joe's stonecrab what would be the point in going to florida

                                                  have you noticed that tourists flock to montreal for food?

                                              2. re: blondee_47

                                                what is a big box restaurant anyways? in my mind kelsy's is a big box restaurant.

                                                are you talking about restaurants owned by food network hosts? what exactly does toronto have that we don't in the way of fine dining? the only difference is price. by the way, trust me, we aren't missing out on anything by not having a mark mckewan restaurant - by the why, the guy is from and lives in toronto. i don't really understand your point at all.

                                                if you are suggesting that toronto's restaurant scene has something i ncommon with the las vegas strip, yo uare wrong.

                                                1. re: celfie

                                                  yes, I love that today as I was eating at the Coco Rico that the line-up for Schwartz's was so long...yes I loved that and of course there is pride in that. Maybe I am getting off the topic and it is time to go forward so I think we should wait and re-post when Laurier is up and running for a couple of months and hope that the results will be worth it..

                                                  Coco Rico
                                                  3907 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1X9, CA

                                                2. re: blondee_47

                                                  @blondee_47 : not on a daily basis but he did oversee the menu and he will act as a consultant.

                                      2. I went yesterday for lunch. After I gave my name to the hostess, I waited in line for about 20 minutes and finally had a seat at the bar. The chicken and the coleslaw were good but I did not like the BBQ spiced fries and the strange sauce.

                                        I would have preferred regular fries and BBQ sauce.

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                                        1. re: pinalafina

                                          what was the strange sauce that you didn't like, and why are they advertising the original Laurier sauce (which was quite good) on the menu yet nobody seems to be getting it?

                                          1. re: OliverB

                                            Looking at the menu it says the rotisserie chicken is served with :
                                            "Served with coleslaw, hand-cut fries & gravy"

                                            So I'm guessing that's what you received, gravy. The 3 sauces seem to be an extra 3 $. Could someone confirm this?

                                            3 sauces are (listed as 3$) :
                                            - ORIGINAL LAURIER SAUCE
                                            - GREEN HERB SAUCE
                                            - PEPPERCORN SAUCE

                                            1. re: Werzoth

                                              It was definitely not the Original Laurier sauce and the waitress did not ask me what kind I wanted when I ordered.

                                              It was a greenish brownish gravy that did not go well with the BBQ chicken and fries.

                                              Next time I will insist on the Original sauce and ask for non spicy fries.

                                          1. @ Anachemia: Well, your review of the new Laurier's chicken dinner sounds almost verbatim to my review of the original Laurier back in March. Conclusion...they're serving the same putrid crap that almost put them out of business (with french fries that are even worse, if that's possible). What is the point, why bother? If you're going to keep chicken on the menu, go back to what it was 30 years ago, NOT 30 days ago! Sounds like their focus is on a pub-style place, while the rotisserie is only still there, and kept mediocre, to keep people believing they didn't destroy the "spirit" of the restaurant. It's a token menu item to try and lure their old customers back.

                                            Well Laurier shall stay dead to me then, so much for its resurrection.

                                            Understand I don't fall in love with a restaurant because of the decor, it's menu variety, the service, the prices, or who owns it. It's always been one thing: THE FOOD. If Laurier Ramsay kept the chicken mediocre, then it has already failed. I'm certainly not going there for a hamburger, ribs or steak....I rather go to Baton Rogue or The Kegs for that.

                                            FYI: Laurier's "original" sauce tastes like it contains alcohol and just putrid overall. Certainly not the sauce they served in the 1980's.

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                                            1. re: Apple IIGS

                                              Hey, why don't you try it ?

                                              I think I'm speaking for everyone here : all these negative comments from people who still didn't eat there (or have no intention to) are a bit annoying and doesn't really bring anything.

                                              We would never see that for any other new restaurant not own by a star.

                                              1. re: Glaff

                                                I'm with Glaff on this. You shouldn't dismiss this restaurant based on one pre-opening report. I trust Anachemia's report, but she ate there during the soft opening phase. I'm sure they've worked on things since then, and will probably be tweaking things for the next few weeks.

                                                From the beginning, I've not been a fan of this whole celebrity-driven revamp. To me, the whole thing comes off as cynical and opportunistic. But that doesn't mean the food can't be good. I'm willing to give them a chance to live up to the hype. I think everyone should do the same and drop the torches and pitchforks... At least for now.

                                                1. re: SnackHappy

                                                  Fair enough. Though unfortunately I can't imagine the rotisserie served at the soft opening went through a day/night transformation as of last week. Sure it might be tweaked and improved a bit, but it's still the same basic recipe, no?

                                                  My gripe is the "recipe" for chicken, french-fries and sauce used for the past 15 years is a failure--a complete joke, whereas the original recipe I and other Montrealers experienced in the late 70's and 80's was pure gold.

                                                  So, I'm opened minded. Has anyone tasted the chicken, french-fries and sauce after the official opening last week? (August 10th or later). Please let us know what you think...

                                                2. re: Glaff

                                                  I agree, why do people decide to make all these comments before they actually go. I planned to have the chicken but ended up choosing salmon at $12 with a side of macaroni and white cheese with smoked meat (a little hard to find). It was no space full at 2:30 Saturday (they close at 3pm before dinner service starts) and it is packed everytime I drive down Laurier. The salmon comes without vegetables (has a few chips and some greens) and the waitress gives you a choice of ``extras`` such as creamed spinach etc. not listed on menu. It comes nicely presented on a board and the blackened rectangle at side of fish was the delicious skin--first time I enjoyed eating fish skin! I also ordered an espresso and dessert, a large slice of butterscotch bread pudding which was covered with strawberries, whisky cream on side and it was topped with a brittle. It was a lovely lunch and I admired the decor -everything in good taste and yet respecting the old heritage. There were families with children (there is a kids menu), and it obviously appeals to all age groups - some people were taking photos so maybe were tourists. This is the best service I have had in Montreal in ages and you can tell they have been well trained. I had one of the "senior" waitresses but they all were friendly and attentive, smiling and looked happy. My water was filled three times! They wish you bon appetit, check if all is ok, dont mind getting anything extra-you are not ignored.. And I liked everything: the teatowels for serviettes, the yummy pickles on table, the water in old milk bottles, the lanterns on windowsills, the background music, the postcard they give you with the bill and I even liked the variety on the menu including the waldorf salad which I definitely will order on another occasion as I am tired of the endless green salads on menus. I can`t wait to try some of the other desserts and yes they do have lemon pie still on the menu. Big success story and I am so glad gordon could preserve this special place than have it collapse. A terrific addition to the mileend/outremont area . But if you are a chicken fanatic I don`t think you should bother to cross the mountain to get to it. For my part I give kudos to the three owners and the wonderful staff in this rejuvenated resto.

                                                    1. re: celfie

                                                      the light lunch turned into a feast because it was so delicious, I caved in and was not in a hurry to leave!

                                                    2. re: mangoannie

                                                      That sounds delicious and I might order something very similar when I go next week. ;-) Thanks for the report - glad to hear from someone who has actually eaten there.

                                                  1. re: childofthestorm

                                                    ... "there’s even been talk of an international chain of Ramsay rotisseries" ...

                                                    1. re: OliverB

                                                      The article does not say who's talking about a chain. It could be just this discussion.

                                                      1. re: hala

                                                        that's pretty sloppy 'journalism'

                                                        1. re: OliverB

                                                          There was talk from the owners about plans for a chain around the time the whole Ramsay freakout started. I think I read it in both La Presse and The Gazette.

                                                  2. We might get delivery from here tonight (from the looks of the online site, delivery seems to be a go?) - if we do, I plan to order some of the mentioned classics and will post here.

                                                    I never went to the original location but I'm interested to try this place as I have a chicken addiction/problem.

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                                                    1. Reading this thread tonight inspired me to order from Chalet BBQ LOL!

                                                      1. I really wanted to like this restaurant. When I first walked in, the busy-body manager was on the phone, blocking the entrance, talking loudly. We were greeted by the hostess who showed my father and I to a table in the empty bar. We asked why we couldn't sit in a dining room booth and she told me that they are for four people, despite the obvious fact that most booths were occupied by parties of 2. With some insistence, we got our booth. The menu is brief with few standouts. I opted for the hot chicken sandwich and my father ordered the quarter breast. The service, while attentive, was overly so - disturbingly so. I was happy with the fresh peas that topped my sandwich, but the rest of the food was simply a disaster. Most egregious is the default sauce that comes with the hot chicken and the rotisserie chicken. It is chicken based, thick, similar to what you would get at KFC. Let's put it this way, at Chalet BBQ, i've been tempted to drink the freaking sauce. This sauce does not complement the chicken, it completely drowns it in dullness and blandness. The chicken itself was nothing special. The bread was 2 slices of regular white sliced bread. The fries are simply offensive. Sure they're handcut (no shit) but they are very very dry (but crispy) and completely covered in bbq seasoning salt. They're absolutely disgusting. I will never go back, and I felt bad for the crowd lined up to be seated. As I left, the same busy body manager was still out front not doing her job and crowding the door. Definitely miss Laurier Gordon Ramsay. If you can, hightail to Chalet BBQ, if you can't, Fusee on Bernard isn't any worse.

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                                                        1. re: fatperson360

                                                          thanks for the report and sorry the chicken and fries were such a disappointment. I am not sure why you decided to criticize the manager, you cannot enter the resto directly without going by her or hostess, but it is hostess or a waitress who looks after your entrance, probably the manager is too busy taking reservations although I can see how her position at entrance could be misconstrued. I can only tell you that they wanted to seat me at the bar which actually did look to have comfortable seats but I said I wanted a table so for me one person they gave me a three chair table (choice of two tables which had become free, so if they tell you no place offer to take the bar seating and see if there are some empty tables on that side). I guess I will have to check out location to give chalet BBQ a try. Rather than fusee resto for chicken, better I would think to head over to st laurent for janos or other portuguese rotisseries. Laurier ramsay resto was packed when I drove by today and the panhandler who is always near saq decided it would be more lucrative to cross the street to sit in front of gordon ramsay`s new resto! Following your report I will return but to try more of the nonchicken items on the menu and of course the desserts! Hope they finetune it to keep the chicken fans from all being disappointed.

                                                          1. re: mangoannie

                                                            Chalet BBQ is without a doubt one of Montreal's best rotisserie BBQ chicken places but they stick to what makes them such a good BBQ place and that is chicken. On that note I think Montreal has to look at Laurier Gordon Ramsay as a new restaurant and not continue to equate it with Laurier BBQ. Laurier BBQ does not exist any more.

                                                            So if it's Rotisserie BBQ chicken that all agree on then Montreal has its long standing favorites. If it is a fuller menu and one wishes to venture and try Laurier Gordon Ramsay then don't think of it as Laurier BBQ. If what I say doesn't make sense then perhaps the 35.00 Whole BBQ Chicken might. (it comes with the same sides that Family Pack does at Chalet BBQ)

                                                            1. re: blondee_47

                                                              I disagree about chalet on sherbrooke near girouard. But hey all tastes are in this world of ours.

                                                              The old Chalet B-B-Q I think it was called on decarie south of Jean-Talon across from "square cavendish" was a very good rotisserie chick

                                                            2. re: mangoannie

                                                              i mentioned the manager because she is loud and in the way. When I said bar, i meant bar area - which was completely empty. At noon today, there were 5 open booths and there was no reason to redirect us to the bar area. The biggest problem with this restaurant is how unremarkable the food is. If Ramsay really did design the menu, then he truly failed to understand the montreal rotisserie chicken. One other thing that I didnt like is the opaque glass surrounding the top part of the booth. I prefer being able to look around at a bustling restaurant

                                                          2. Someone try the chicken pot pie and report back please so I don't have to waste time if it sucks as bad as the rotisserie chicken...

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                                                            1. re: OliverB

                                                              there is no chicken pot pie on the menu

                                                              1. re: j_do

                                                                @j_do : I'm looking at the menu on their website and I do see a chicken pot pie. Is it not there in the restaurant?

                                                                1. re: Werzoth

                                                                  I saw the pot pie on their menu when I dined there

                                                                  CHICKEN POT PIE $12

                                                                  Green peas, carrots, celery, thyme...
                                                                  but it sort of sounds like it was before, not a good thing

                                                            2. Well, whoever said they arent delivering yet is right - I called tonight and they said not until September.

                                                              Btw, there is a delivery menu online that doesnt have chicken pot pie, but I think the main menu has it.

                                                              1. @ fatperson360 - Thanks for the post soft-opening review and confirming what I thought. That Laurier's former staple--it's rotisserie chicken, fries and sauce, sadly remain a dismal failure. Ramsay threw away a perfect opportunity to roll back to clock to the early 1980's and make it Montreal's #1 chicken rotisserie again. Well, so much for that dream, and I certainly will not return ever again...not unless I suddenly hear raving reviews about the rotisserie (from posts here, and other recent reviews online I've read, that seems very, very unlikely).

                                                                My prediction, the restaurant will go under after the initial hype wears off. Maybe it'll become Laurier the shoe store. :)

                                                                1. I visited LGR this weekend and without expecting too much, I had a decent meal. It's hard to comment on service since the hype over GR buying a restaurant in Montreal seems to attract a lot of people wanting a piece of the action and I feel it is unfair to judge service during such this "trial" period.

                                                                  I ordered the 1/4 chicken breast. It came with seasoned fries, a light brown gravy, slaw and a toasted bun. Unfortunately the chicken was bland for my taste. My favorite, Chalet BBQ was a much more flavorsome bird, but to its credit, it was not rotisserie'd to death. Very few places reliably serve up a breast without the wings being the texture of aged chicken jerky. While not as flavorful as I felt it could be, it was not bad either. A very average 1/4 breast.

                                                                  The gravy was a chicken-based gravy. Not a classic Montreal rotisserie chicken "sauce". I didn't love it and I didn't hate it but I can understand why some people feel it is not in the right place. Again, a bit bland but more care seemed to be put into it than your average St-Hubert powdered mix.

                                                                  Contrary to some, I quite enjoyed the fries/chips. I would have preferred them unseasoned or just lightly salted but it was not offensive in the least bit like how some others have put it. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside is the way I like my fries and to me, is an indication of a properly blanched fry using the right potato. As usual, there are people who like the greasy and limp fries and those who prefer the crispy ones. I like both and I think LGR presented a pretty decent version of the latter imho.

                                                                  Overall, I didn't have a bad experience and didn't dislike the food. It's a decent place with room for improvement and the slightly upscale surroundings is a welcomed option. Once they have worked out the kinks, I think it can be a reasonable alternative to the other choices we have in the city. Personally, I think good rotisserie chicken doesn't have to be traditional but it does have to be tasty. LGR isn't quite there yet but I see no reason it can't be close to the top of the food chain. For the time being, my money will still go to Chalet BBQ or Romados for some charcoaly goodness.

                                                                  1. Finally went to LGR this past weekend. Waited for an hour and a half to be seated which was not too bad since it was the weekend and it was nice outside and we went for a drink around the corner. Service was fast and friendly once you are seated.

                                                                    We ordered the French onion soup, ribs with a side of macaroni and cheese with smoked meat, and a chicken breast dinner with the fries and coleslaw. Overall food was flavourful - the gravy in particular was great and as was the flavour of the soup. Fries and coleslaw were pleasant. The ribs were tender but covered with a tomato-y type sauce (I prefer the more tangy version). The chicken was decent but not the most moist I've ever had. The main issue we had was that the food was lukewarm when served which is not great (we like it to feel hot and fresh). The soup was not piping hot, the macaroni was warm as were the ribs. We probably should have asked for it to be returned to the kitchen but we didn't as it was really busy and we wanted to just try the food. We didn't feel well after the meal but we can't say for certain that it was due to the food temperature. It didn't give us a desire to return, though.

                                                                    I appreciate what they're trying to do with keeping things fresh etc but in a city with small shops like Romados among the many other similar places in town, it feels like LGR has a way to go before it can competently compete. It could be that the resto hasn't found its legs yet or that it was an off night but with so many great restaurants to choose from in Montreal, it didn't feel worth the wait. I hope they improve in the near future as any place like this that succeeds is good for Montreal.

                                                                    1. I wish more people would post about their dining experience here than about speculation and the fame of Gordon Ramsay.

                                                                      1. I visited LGR with a large group the other night and my expectations were low. The food far exceeded my expectations - but the service was a fail.

                                                                        I had the salmon on a plank, which came with a few spiced chips and a small, tangy arugula salad (see photo). The grilled salmon was perfectly cooked, moist, and very flavourful. The salmon skin was grilled to crispy and placed on the plank separately.

                                                                        I also ordered a small salad because its description sounded delicious - and it was. Romaine and butter lettuce, shaved fennel (not in the description but present in the salad), thinly sliced cucumber and roasted butternut squash, and some "butter pecans" (decadent but delicious) sprinkled throughout, with a creamy vinaigrette - it made for a memorable salad that I'd order again any day.

                                                                        One of my tablemates ordered the quarter chicken breast, with a side of poutine instead of regular fries (I think it was a $3.50 premium for the swap). I had a small taste of the chicken, which was moist and tasty. The sauce, on the other hand, tasted and looked like the kind of gravy that would accompany a turkey on Thanksgiving. Light-coloured, definitely tasting of real stock, but heavily sage-flavoured. As others have pointed out here, nowhere close to the kind of Montreal BBQ sauce that should accompany Montreal rotisserie chicken. Tablemate said the poutine was just "OK" and others said the fries were quite good.

                                                                        Another person had the chicken pot pie (definitely on the eat-in menu, doesn't seem to be on the takeout menu) and said it was good.

                                                                        I skipped dessert but some folks around me ordered the maple creme brulée - which they called disappointing - and the bread pudding, which didn't have the rustic look I think it should have.

                                                                        On the service front, I wasn't expecting much given the size of our group, which always complicates matters. However, the attitude of the waitress (of the "I'm doing you a favour by serving you people" ilk), the ridiculous time lag between our first arrival and the taking of the food orders (more than one hour), and the length of time it took to get and pay our bills shows that there are serious service issues that need to be addressed. I hope they shape up the service soon as I would definitely go back here for the food.

                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                        1. re: kpzoo

                                                                          @kpzoo : thanks for the great review and pictures! That salmon looks mighty delicious.

                                                                        2. Here's a quick review:

                                                                          - I ordered the poutine and it looked appealing with a lot of fresh cheese. However the sauce was not appropriate and the combination tasted weird. I think they made a good effort to bring a sauce that taste more like real chicken, but for poutine, you definitely need "brown" gravy.
                                                                          - According to my date, the chicken and the bread were excellent. I also liked the slaw.
                                                                          - The fries were pleasant at first but I wish they would offer the option to get them without the spices
                                                                          - The service was good at first (we didn't wait long for our food) but everything broke down afterward (mostly because they were understaffed) and we had to wait a long time to get our bill.

                                                                          Overall, I'm still on the fence and I haven't decided yet if I'm going back. I wanted to like it since it's a nice addition to the neighbourghood, the place is looking good and the prices are not outrageous. However I feel like they still need to tweak their menu and manage their service better.

                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                          1. re: Whygee

                                                                            Thanks for the review - agree about the sauce and the service.

                                                                            "I was also disappointed to see that they serve Molson Canadian and Molson Ex and Nestea... the only "fancy" beer is Heineken. "

                                                                            Actually unless the menu has changed already, they had quite a few beers on the list including Creemore Ale from Ontario, Bittburger, Corona, Rickard's Red, and a variety of Dieu du Ciel. They were out of a few when we were there, but they are still listed on the menu on the website. See screenshot below by enlarging.

                                                                            1. re: kpzoo

                                                                              Oh thanks for the precision, we didn't see the beer menu and this is what I deducted from the beer taps and what was being poured at the bar. Great to see that they serve Dieu du ciel.

                                                                          2. had a reservation for the back "private" table for 10 people, 8pm. got there, was told that the people who are at that table currently are aware they have to leave by 8 but are just starting desert. waited 30mins before starting to apply pressure and we were eventually seated at 8:45pm. ordered 2 bottles of champagne at 9:00 for a birthday toast and 3 drinks (beer/coke) were ordered. we got the 3 drinks at like 9:20 and no sign of the champagne and she took the food orders. asked the waitress if it was coming and preferably before the food and she said yes. about 15 mins later the appetizers come out (except my chicken wings) and then the champagne comes out. waitress just starts pouring everyone's glass, no initial pour, nothing. so the bottle is done in about 10 mins and somehow the second bottle was forgotten which was probably a good thing because it saved me about 130$ which I didn't really want to give them at that point anyway. I mean service that's so terrible that they are not even competent enough to make significant profit on bottle sales it just laughable IMO. There was a significant lull between the appetizers and the mains. when the mains finally materialized they made mistakes on side dishes and poutine substitutions in 3 dishes.

                                                                            oh and none of these mistakes were accompanied by an apology btw.

                                                                            the food overall was pretty forgettable, not terrible, but really nothing special. definitely overpriced for what it is. it's nothing you can't get anywhere else for better and cheaper.

                                                                            this place is a essentially a yuppie cash grab and I doubt their initial hype phase is sustainable, especially when they're charging 13$ + tax and tip for a tiny bland chicken leg with fries and coleslaw.

                                                                            and to forgive terrible service because they are in their "early phases", especially since it has supposedly been an "institution", is just ridiculous. if you can't run a decent front of house at a #%$@ rotisserie junk food joint, then sorry you shouldn't be opening. especially after you've supposedly gotten culinary God Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare specialist to come in.

                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                            1. re: j_do

                                                                              huge lineup outside of this resto at dinner time maybe a result of no reservations unless for group of 6+ or the following:


                                                                              Never seen this in front of the other Laurier restaurants.....

                                                                              according to the review the lemon pie is made on site, something you dont see often with this dessert

                                                                              This article has made me think to go back for the salmon and macaroni sidedish which I really enjoyed on a previous visit with a try of the pie. The prices are so reasonable for this part of the city but with volume I guess it all works.

                                                                            2. Just got back... very full.

                                                                              Obviously the menu has been changed and certain items have been tweaked based on what I've read in previous reviews.

                                                                              We ordered couple things that were mentioned in yesterdays Gazette review.

                                                                              Pulled braised beef with arugula and tartare style toast (11$ overpriced) served cold (purposefully). The meat was too fatty in my opinion.... overall very forgettable not something I would order again; nothing special about it Don't recommend.

                                                                              1/4 chicken breast, I asked for salad instead of fries which came at no additional cost (16$) served with gravy and coleslaw.
                                                                              Coleslaw lacked spice and zest, but if I had ordered fries it would have probably worked better with the meal. On second thought, no; I think coleslaw show always be a bit spicy and vinegary.
                                                                              The salad they gave be came on a second plate and was massive. It was good and included some unusual items for a market salad (green beans)... The issue I had with the salad (was partly my fault, I ought to have asked for dressing on the side but I usually trust chefs nowadays) was that it had wayyy too much dressing; and I think there is a lot of oil in the dressing ..and I wanted something healthy.
                                                                              The chicken breast was seriously massive as in a good 2-3 inches thick. Unfortunately, it was overdone but it still tasted ok. But its supposed to be a chicken rotisserie- it should be perfect. Delicious skin.
                                                                              The gravy was delicious. It was not the old recipe but not the one I read being described as having tons of herbs in it. It saved the chicken.

                                                                              Dining companion:
                                                                              Grilled salmon (16) apparently fantastic (I don't like salmon unless its smoked...and didnt try this one).(Not 12 like the gazette article said but still incredible value for quality according to him).

                                                                              Bread Pudding with whisky cream, crispy caramel square and strawberries (7). Perfection, highly recommend.

                                                                              Wine glasses (10-11+), eska sparkling water small size (4.50 !!), very good espresso (3) and herbal teas (3.25).

                                                                              The no reservations for groups under six NEEDS to be worked out. Arrived at 6 on Sunday and the wait was 45 mins for a table and you have to wait outside the restaurant (there isnt an
                                                                              area that would be highly profitable where people can wait and order drinks and not block the entrance). You are told an approximate time to return or to wait outside. Its ridiculous and frustrating.

                                                                              Other than the wait, the service was excellent and attentive.

                                                                              Overall: Wont be rushing back because of the wait to get in and the food wasn't perfect but I definitely will return.

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: kpaxonite

                                                                                thanks for the detailed report, I might give the chicken a try next time and the sauce although seems to be a variety of opinions on that sauce. It is not fair for them to have lineups of people outside especially with colder weather coming on so hopefully they will consider changing their reservation policy. Gordon Ramsay will be featured in next Saturdays Journal de Montreal where he is suppose to be sharing recipes from this restaurant.

                                                                              2. Just grabbed lunch here. Had the rotisserie chicken sandwich and it was yummy. Lots of chicken, obviously freshly made. $13 is steep-ish for what it is (it's on a panini) but not steep enough to make me angry. Ha. It was packed - I think we're going to go back for dinner tonight so will report back on that, too. Service was efficient and friendly.

                                                                                1. So we did have dinner at Laurier. Before I comment on dinner I will mention that, when I ate the leftovers of the rotisserie chicken sandwich mentioned above, I bit down on a chunk of cartilage. Yick. Glad I got that at the end of the sammich, not the beginning!

                                                                                  OK, dinner. We wanted to try some different things.

                                                                                  Potted Beef: yum! really loved this, worth going back for, now I'm trying to find out how to make this at home

                                                                                  Grilled Cheese sandwich: good. nothing fancy at all, but very cheesy and perfect comfort food

                                                                                  Smoked Meat Mac n Cheese: meh. this was something I was very much looking forward to - it
                                                                                  seemed bland to both of us and was disappointing

                                                                                  8oz burger: a decent burger, does what I want a burger to do (juicy, big, filling), but not worth $14, not even close, it was standard

                                                                                  chicken - we shared a 1/2 chicken - this was the best part of the meal, along with the potted beef. This is what I want rotisserie chicken to be - flavourful, juicy, delicious skin - I will go back for the chicken alone.

                                                                                  Service was hectic/busy but polite, they were obviously trying.

                                                                                  In all, I would go back. For the chicken and the potted beef - nothing else was *bad*, but none of it was outstanding either, especially for the price. Once their delivery service gets up and running I think the chicken is going to be a regular at my place. We were idiots and forgot to try the fries!

                                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                                  1. re: montrealeater

                                                                                    went back again, on a Sunday, and both took the lunch special a good value at $19, soup or salad, chicken breast or thigh, french fries and coleslaw, and for dessert choice of chocolate cream pie or lemon meringue pie, the latter was so delicious! Salad was a good mix and dressing was tangy. Chicken was tender, portions were ample, service was friendly and attentive despite the place being full. We had a great time. We had intended to go to Damas but info on their website is erroneous, they have changed to winter hours and are now only open evenings on weekends.

                                                                                  2. No real fault @ Laurier BBQ.

                                                                                    After a bit of shopping, I decided to be brave and face the hordes of people at the lineup ... I shamelessly moved at the front of the line and tell them I'm single and that I don't mind sitting at the bar; which made the charming girl at the front happy.

                                                                                    Promptly seated at the bar on comfortable stools, they are fixed, but not rotating which made sitting a bit hard (IMO).

                                                                                    Quickly ordered a beer (Corne du Diable from Dieu du Ciel), and did not really looked at the menu, I just wanted a "un quart-cuisse-avec-frittes-sauce-salade-et-pain"; so ordered it was.

                                                                                    Quickly looked at the wine list, IMO, it is twice as big as it need to be, and if the bottles are priced reasonably, by-the-glass was a bit too steep (10-ish) and from what I saw they serve the wine at the bar and bring the glasses full at the table.

                                                                                    Munching on good pickles, the chicken arrived; it took maybe a bit long to arrive (but no biggie, I was reading)

                                                                                    I looks a bit small (?) so is the french-fries portion, but in the end, it was satisfying.

                                                                                    The chicken was hot and good, not dry and the skin tasty; the fries were hot!! (yeah); the coleslaw salad was good; and I liked the "laurier" sauce; it does not (if memory serves) taste like the old sauce, but I might be mistaken since it has been a while since I've eaten there before the change.

                                                                                    One nice touch was the "cumcumber" water, it's nice and is a change from the ubiquitous lemon water; but they should serve plain water when dessert come.

                                                                                    I did not like the cloth-napkins; they did not feel good and I assume they are cheap enough that they will be replaced often with new ones.

                                                                                    Another thing is that is was cold at the bar, maybe because I was under-dressed (only a t-shirt) or because the ventilation blows down.

                                                                                    Anyway, good eat; no fault ...

                                                                                    Will I go back ? maybe if I'm in the area for lunch and wanted chicken; but it's not a "destination" restaurant.

                                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: Maximilien

                                                                                      the napkins are teatowels and under our salad dish was cut up squares of printed paper, guess they try to be different/rustic?. I also found the the cucumber strip in water kind of strange but original! For quieter area the bar room is place to go, the main room with booths , take out counter gets noisy and you dont even hear the music there, not that with the lineups you have much choice of room!

                                                                                      1. re: mangoannie

                                                                                        "under our salad dish was cut up squares of printed paper, guess they try to be different/rustic?" those squares of printed paper are prints of the old Laurier menu, I personally thought that was a nice touch.

                                                                                        Finally went there for lunch yesterday, I had the 3 mini burger appetizer, a beet salad appetizer and a coleslaw, everything was excellent and it was too much food honestly. Service was prompt and efficient, I really like what they've done as decor, it still has the feel of the old Laurier BBQue, in a homey but updated way. We shared the lemon pie which was superb.

                                                                                    2. according to their website, they now accept reservations for 2 or more persons

                                                                                      1. I've been back a few times now, always early lunch or early dinner so no lineups, and it never disappoints, food and service , I'm addicted to the 3 mini burger appetizer ; I've yet to try the fries and the chicken, as crazy as this may seem. Pot pie and onion soup were great.
                                                                                        The mocha cake is identical to the original one, I wish they had improved on it. The carrot cake was delicious, they give you a small container of additional frosting. yum.

                                                                                        2 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: superbossmom

                                                                                          @superbossmom : May I ask what day and approximate time do you usually go to avoid the lines?

                                                                                          1. re: Werzoth

                                                                                            Last thursday, I got a booth at 5:40 p.m., was told I had to be out by 7, which was fine by me.
                                                                                            Another time, it was a tuesday for lunch, I got a table at 11:40 a.m.
                                                                                            Lunch is easier than dinner , I think, to walk in without res, as long as you're there before noon.

                                                                                        2. What I find really sad here is that even though I haven't tried this place out, I read alot of opinions about the sauce. Does anyone know for sure if this sauce is made from the drippings? If that is the case, then the chef has the ultimate opportunity to make the greatest sauce/gravy in town so long as they don't over dilute it which would make it bland. But it's amazing to me how so many people taste buds have been destroyed by massive amounts of msg infested/ chemically enhanced powder based sauces, that we forgot what true food is supposed to taste like. Now you also have these big name chefs promoting products like Knorr. Are you kidding me! Demi-glace made from a can! The sad part is the general public will prefer the canned stuff because that's what the industry has accomplished. What most people consider bland is actually really good but their tongues are so used to being bombarded with sodium, that they lost their sense of subtle flavours that were once upon a time absolutly amazing. I just find it really sad to what food has become but then again if food was left to be the way it was, maybe there wouldn't be enough of to feed everyone, at least thats what the industry say, I don't buy it! But that's just my opinion.

                                                                                          Seasons Greetings

                                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                                          1. re: cappocuoco

                                                                                            The sauce didn't taste like it was made from the drippings - unless, as you said, it is watered down. One of my favourite things in the world is a sauce or gravy made from the drippings, I would pay a premium for the real stuff. Interested to hear from someone who actually *knows* the answer to this question but yeah, it certainly didn't taste like it to me.

                                                                                            1. re: montrealeater

                                                                                              Looking at their menu they offer 4 types of sauces now: gravy, green herb, cranberry or bbq butter ("gravy" is the default that comes with chicken, likely the brown dipping sauce).

                                                                                              They used to call gravy "classic sauce", which I assume is the very same stuff they were serving before Gordon Ramsay revamped it. If that's the case, it's quite different than your typical dipping sauce found at places like Chalet BBQ or Swiss Chalet. Tasted bitter, like it contained alcohol. I haven't been there since before the renovation so I've no idea what it's like now...

                                                                                          2. It appears that there are some people who aren't fond of it at all, as evidenced by this series of Tweets between Derek Dammann from DNA and Jonathan Cheung from Appetite for Books in Westmount.

                                                                                            1. https://twitter.com/#!/Appetite4Books...
                                                                                            2. https://twitter.com/#!/dnaderek/statu...
                                                                                            3. https://twitter.com/#!/Appetite4Books...

                                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                                            1. re: EaterBob

                                                                                              My self and family had no objections to the sauce that came with the chicken, meal was good. Reviewer in the press liked it in her report today , as well recommends returning for the chicken dish. Guess it is an individual thing but glad to see they have added even more choices re the sauces. I dont agree with everything she says about other dishes, but regardless it is always busy so something works well in the changes.
                                                                                              Basically Gordon Ramsay has no ownership in this resto, he gave his name when owner approached him as had previous business link in his pots and pans line of products.

                                                                                            2. BIG NEWS! (see Gazette article link below)

                                                                                              Wow...so the whole 'Laurier Gordon Ramsay' honeymoon is over. In fact it's now a divorce!
                                                                                              Yep, as of today, the restaurant officially dropped its ties with Gordon Ramsay. The outdoor sign is in the process of being taken down, and by this Friday (Feb. 17th), all Ramsay name branding will be removed from the restaurants products and materials. At this moment even the website is down, claiming to be under re-construction.

                                                                                              Not sure what the restaurant name will be now. Will it revert back to Laurier BBQ or just simply be shortened to "Laurier"? I also wonder if the format or menu will stay the same.

                                                                                              More importantly, will it survive without all the hype of Ramsay that's been surrounding it the past six months. Personally, I have my doubts.

                                                                                              3 Replies
                                                                                              1. re: Apple IIGS

                                                                                                I wonder if we'll ever get the whole story. The article mentions Laurier BBQ still being on a GR website... I couldn't find it.
                                                                                                One things for sure, its a lawyer fest now.

                                                                                                1. re: porker

                                                                                                  By tomorrow, every last trace of the Gordon Ramsay name will have vanished from the Montreal restaurant. Just checked GR's website in the UK, indeed Laurier has been removed (and as a result, Canada as one of his restaurant domains with it).

                                                                                                  Incidentally, the new restaurant name is "Laurier 1936".

                                                                                                  Personally, I think the GR name was all the restaurant had going for it. There is nothing else redeeming about it, and the classic Laurier BBQ is long gone. Expect the next name change to be.... Laurier - A Louer. :)

                                                                                                  1. re: Apple IIGS

                                                                                                    I did not eat there in its former "glory" or after its GR makeover, but from what I read, I agree with you.
                                                                                                    I think Dany Lavy's comments in The Gazette was a simple rant. I don't think he really cares if Gordo makes 2-3 trips per year here nor if the man actually invested nor managed the resto. Bottom line (I believe) is that Lavy is not getting enough bang for his Ramsey buck.
                                                                                                    If there was a great makeover and business went wild, who cares if Ramsey comes around - the name, the man, served its purpose; to revitalize the business. I think sales expectations fell flat and Lavy doesn't want to pay expensive sonsultant fees anymore.
                                                                                                    I think sooner or later it'll be known simply as "The Old Gordon Ramsey Place" (like the old forum or the artist formerly known as Prince - but I like the A Louer idear!)

                                                                                              2. Mods, could we merge the two threads or something? I want to respond to ppl posting in both! :)

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                                                                                                  If you want the mods to read you, you should use the Report button. They don't read everything posted on CH.

                                                                                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                                                                                    Thanks Snackhappy, just reported my own post. :D

                                                                                                  2. I think we'll just have to abandon this discussion thread and start a new one once more (just as "Rotisserie Laurier" was abandoned and people moved here to discuss the restaurant). I suggest the new topic be "Laurier 1936".