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Aug 10, 2011 07:23 AM

Laurier Gordon Ramsay

So fellow I eat my words today and if so do I get heartburn?

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      1. I do understand from two people that the food was so-so but he was a genuinely lovely person...Hype is lovely but it is just that. The proof will come out over the next few months when he is gone...but I will try it and let u know - however I wish the owners good luck as I always do when a new resto business starts up cause it is the hardest business to own successfully

        1. report back on the chicken pot pie and mac and cheese smoked meat please. the former was always the only reason to ever go to laurier bbq at all in my books. that and the coconut cream pie, which i hope is still around.

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          1. re: OliverB

            The full menu is here if you want to take a look : I don't see a coconut cream pie.

            1. re: Glaff

              Actually the menu prices seem reasonable except for the chicken prices which seem high...but the menu seems to have a good choice of it will be up to the chef de cuisine to implement the changes successfully.

              1. re: blondee_47

                a 1/4 breast 'dinner' at chalet bbq is $10.95 <---- now that is pricey

                1. re: celfie

                  As opposed to $14 chez Ramsay?

                  The whole menu seems a tad steep to me, since none of the non-rotisserie mains come with salad or fries except where it's integral to the dish -- thus a burger and fries is $17, which is edging into Dominion Square Tavern silly-land IMO.

                  1. re: Mr F

                    Prices are half of what they used to be, and if you want a burger and fries... why would you go there anyway? The menu sound sgreat imo, and I love that they serve liquors now.

                    1. re: Mr F

                      Meh, it's on Laurier in Outremont, as someone said the price for chicken dinners actually went down (probably with a better quality chicken to boot) and I find it reasonable for that part of town.

                      You can think what you want of the 'star', but Ramsay the chef knows a thing or two about food, speaks the language and, from all accounts, got what Laurier BBQ used to be...his staff there now has to execute and we will see how it goes!

                      Always good for Montreal to be talked about in the news as well.

                      Love the fact that they kept delivery option as well!

                      1. re: jfprieur

                        I said it seems "a tad steep" (not outrageous) on the whole, and cherry-picked one borderline "silly" example.

                        I do understand what and where it is, and yes, I agree that for the most part the chicken prices seem about right, assuming a massive improvement over the previous incarnation.

                        Notwithstanding mixed feelings about Ramsay as a media personality, I do plan to check it out for myself at some point.

                        @ Oliver, I hope you're exaggerating about the new prices being half what they were? Did they formerly charge $28 for a quarter chicken dinner? It has been many years since my last visit, but I remember prices on the order of St. Hubert plus 20-25% or so.

                        1. re: Mr F

                          I'm not exagerating at all... I paid almost $30 for a chicken pot pie and small dessert! It was bad and I left hungry. There's a reason why they changed ownership.

                          1. re: OliverB

                            $14 for a chicken dinner on Laurier in a restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsay seems like a better deal than chicken dinner for $10.95 on Decarie run by crotchety old women. I still love chalet, but $14 is hardly a ripoff

                            just for comparison sakes,

                            Fusee breast dinner is also $10.95 and St-Hubert is $9.95. Laurier is more expensive but it's also not st-hubert

                            1. re: celfie

                              celfie, I was talking about the old restaurant above, in response to Mr F's post. I think the prices are perfectly reasonable and expected, as I've said before. The old Laurier was outrageous; management was really switched off to think they could get away with that.

                              1. re: OliverB

                                I'm pretty sure Celfie was replying to me.

                                Look, as long as the chicken is very good, the sauce is decent and the fries and slaw are not industrial crap, I won't have a problem with the price.

                                But don't forget, I was originally responding to the notion that $11 at Chalet is pricey. There, I completely disagree. When I lived in the neighbourhood Chalet was a frequent stop, and I always considered it a terrific value. And I can't say I ever found the Chalet waitresses anything less than polite and efficient.

                                Given its location and Ramsay connection, $14 may not be out of line for the same meal, but don't you think it should at least equal Chalet?

                                I completely agree about the quality of the previous Laurier, BTW. On my one and only visit, it all seemed like a St. Hubert outlet in all but name, only not quite as good. I just didn't remember the prices being *that* outrageous, but then again my visit was at least six years ago, if not more.

                              2. re: celfie

                                Celfie a whole bbq'd chicken is 35.00 at Laurier..Hardly cheap; but I do find their other prices like the Salmon to be very reasonable providing of course that the salmon is not 3 oz...

                                Lesley Chesterman wrote a piece not to long ago to which I wrote a Letter to Editor that got published; her gist was that Montreal is home to many small and intimate restaurants whereas Toronto is home to big box, big buck restos. Frankly and for reasons not related to food I wish we had some big box big buck restaurants because that would mean our economy could handle that. It can't.

                                I am almost certain that when it came to cost and pricing and if Gordon Ramsay had a say in that, he would have been flabergasted at how inexpensive the majority of our restaurants are. Our high end prices are another city's middle of the road prices and I am sure that was a problem in re-opening Laurier. Let us not forget that in Laurier's heyday our population was bigger and so were our earnings and employment status.

                                As for Daniel Boulud's new restaurant we shall have to wait and see but he is opening at the new Ritz Carleton and part of the Ritz is also going to be very high-end condos so if he is able to hone in on just serving that area he will do fabulously well.

                                1. re: blondee_47

                                  Out of curiosity, when was the population larger? On a related note, just wanna say that I rather like that we don't have the money to support the big name places; seems to make the city a bit more unique and people tend to do their own things and go in their own directions instead of following trends quite so much. Too much money makes people lazy about food. After all, the soul of the world's best cuisines (Japanese being a notable exception) is the relentless pursuit of making something lovely out of something cheap.

                      2. re: celfie

                        I abhor this "sides not included" bullcrap.

                        edit: I see that thankfully with the chicken at least you get fries and slaw. phew.

                2. They serve Molson Canadian? I've never seen that in Quebec.....

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                  1. re: kpaxonite

                    I am not usually this hard on restaurants except that so much bad publicity surrounding Gordon Ramsay I cannot understand why risking his name in the title of a restaurant is so wise...everyone else is dropping him...


                    1. re: blondee_47

                      There were 75 journalists at the opening event. It made the front page of The Gazette and the National Post. Considering the media feeding frenzy and the fact that people here can't stop talking about the place despite not having even tasted the food. I think the name is serving them quite well.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        don't forget hobnobbing with Gerald Tremblay...