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Finding a lobster dinner in Boston

We are visiting MIL and want to take her out for a lobster dinner. Any ideas for a reasonably priced place? Does not need to be fancy. Prefer that it isn't. She lives in Newton but we can travel maybe as far as Nantasket/Hull.

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  1. I'm not in general a fan of either Legal's or Summer Shack, but for a lobster dinner you could do far worse.

    1. If you're willing to travel to Nantasket, you might want to try Mezzo Mare. Have had some excellent lobster dishes there, especially their lobster diavolo preparation. Not fancy. Call ahead for menu specials. Lobsters caught that day are cooked that day. Fresh, fresh! Price is very reasonable.

      Mezzo Mare
      265 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA 02045

      1. Mt. Vernon in Somerville has a good twin lobster special.

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          I wouldn't consider Legal's or Summer Shack for a reasonably priced lobster dinner. Depends on the kind of lobster you are looking for but I am sure you could find some twin lobster dinner specials for less than what Legal's and SS get for one (of the same size). Maybe Mount Vernon, Dolphin Seafood or one of the faux irish bars around faneuil hall? Small boiled softshells are hard to screw up any more than they already are. ;-)

          Sorry, meant to reply to thread, not treb.

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            How about Chinatown; places like East Coast Seafood have lobster specials. By the way, i prefer lobster in the winter; the meat tastes "sweeter." This is a great time to eat soft shell crabs.

            East Coast Restaurant
            1456 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02122

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              After years of bad luck with eating lobsters in the summer months, I only eat hardshells before the summer really kicks in. I don't like the mushy/watery/salty meat of softshells - and the small ones are just a tease, even if you eat 5 of them. I have been really happy with the 2-3 lb. hardshells from Market Basket (I assume from Canadian water) that I have gotten in June the last two years.

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                I was just going to say, the last time I was at Peach Farm, the lobster with ginger and scallion was part of a three-course special for two that was priced in the low thirties. Kind of hard to beat that.

                Peach Farm
                4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

          2. I guess the Chinatown version of the $33 legals special would be a single lobster (ginger scallion) for $10.95 plus giant clam w/ garlic vermicelli served in the shell for $5 (at Best Little Restaurant). No chowder ,but you can get a big plate of mapo tofu on rice for $6 which actually complements the ginger scallion lobster pretty well. Get a cold brew at the package store around the corner and you're still ahead of the game.

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            1. Reviews of Mt Vernon are mixed...$21.99 for twins. Seems high.

              Mt Vernon Restaurant
              14 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

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                if you think thats high, you should NOT be going out for lobster. $21.99 is cheaper than ONE LOBSTER anywhere in the country

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                  I was SO gonna post the same thing. Even the lobster ROLL at Kelly's is $17.

                  Twin lobsters for $22 is the best (price) you're going to get I think.

                  Unless you can buy from Market Basket and eat in the rough....

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                    Legals is good but far from the best, especially where the op wants lobster. The Mt. Vernon is a good suggestion, you will get your money's worth there.

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                      If you join the email club Mt. Vernon gives out coupons for cheaper lobster dinners. I got one yesterday that offers the twin lobster special for $12.99

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                        No, Bacci's in Stoneham has twin lobsters for $13.95, but only on Thursdays. I never get them there due to the mess factor, not the price and I dont' get lobsters in other restaurants, because of the crazy prices charged for throwing a couple in a pot of water.

                        We sometimes make them at home. But, in truth I am not a huge fan of boiled lobsters. Too much work and mess. I much rather have a lobster roll.

                  2. Jake's might be $$, they're in Nantasket. In all my years of eating lobster, I've never made them at home. It's worth going out, to have someone else cook them, and deal with the clean-up.

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                      how odd. in the last 30 years i have not had a lobster outside my own home. why pay 30usd for 8-10oz of decent meat. have two in your own kitchen and if you find cleaning up after steaming two lobsters onerous, do not get into serious indian/chinese cooking.

                      1. re: hyde

                        Heck, if you get the store to steam them (many will), clean up is little more than throwing the remains in a trash bag.

                        It's easy to steam them at home too, and you have to clean just one stockpot for the whole lot. Just make sure you steam them (1" of water into the pot, bring to a boil, then in go the bugs!), and you'll save the hassle of dealing with gallons of hot, lobstery water when you're done. Plus, you have the shells from which you can make lobster stock for bisque, risotto, etc...

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                          Well, I've never paid 30usd for a lobster meal. I wait for the specials. Actually, I do serious Indian cooking! Also, I'm the only one in my family who eats lobster, so it would mean making 2 dinners at once.

                      2. go for lunch to alive 'n kicking in cambridge. sit outside in the funky "patio" have great lobster and steamers for small money.

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                          I love Alive n Kicking! What's the going price on their steamed lobsters?

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                            If any semblance of ambiance is off the table, then this is the place for you!

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                              i really like the guys at Alive and Kicking; and you should try the lobster sandwich. But they close at 6 pm except for Sundays when I think they close at 3 pm.

                          2. Yankee Seafood at the end of Northern Ave. They close at 7:30.

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                              There's a Legal in Newton, but in the summer, to be honest, pick up some lobsters from a local market (I am pretty close to Fresh Pond Seafood, and have read good reviews of A&K), find a picnic table, cover it with a cheap tablecloth, and steam 'em up with a bottle of wine (note - requires propane burner unless eating near home).

                              Rip off the claws, dip 'em in the buttah and have a summah!

                            2. Check this link out:

                              It's at Aragosta's harborside patio.

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                                Good deal!

                                "Available from 11:00am-5:00pm [Sat-Sun], the dish includes a succulent, one and a half pound lobster accompanied by a cup of clam chowder, corn on the cob and fresh watermelon - for just $24."

                              2. It may be farther than you want to go, but a drive to Ogunquit and Barnacle Billy's in perkins Cove might be a treat for her.

                                1. Other than a baked stuffed lobster, I would never order a lobster in a restaurant and certainly not a boiled or steamed one. Far too easy to cook at home and enjoy without worrying about cracking shells or dripping butter.

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                                    I'm local and I eat them at home only. Last time in restaurant twins for $9.95 that how long its been.

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                                      Sakeandgin, do you actually mix sake and gin? Death&Co used to make such a drink (beefeater 24, masumi arabashira namasake, velvet falernum, i forget what else), it was great

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                                        I use sake to replace vermouth at times. Gin & Sake alone are my two favorite drinks