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Aug 10, 2011 07:20 AM

Chinese sesame paste?

Hi all,

I came across into a recipe that calls Chinese sesame paste.

And I found similar to this below in a store somewhere at my place:

Is that correct?

I know the photo title mentioned "Sesame paste", but in the bottle is "Sesame sauce".

There are quite a lot of "oil" on top by the way.

Wondering if this is the correct ingredient :



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  1. Yes, that looks right. If you could send/attach a photo of the Chinese labelling at the top of the jar I could be more sure, but anyway, it looks right.

    Sesame paste naturally separates (like natural peanut butter), so the oil rises to the top, and needs to be re-incorporated before use. Also note, Chinese Sesame Paste is made with roasted sesame seeds, and is not the same as tahini (made with raw sesame seeds), they are not substitute, totally different flavors.