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Aug 10, 2011 07:16 AM

Shabbat afternoon snacks- any ideas?

Some friends from out of town are stopping by on Shabbat afternoon. Because of their schedule, it will be a couple hours after lunch but before seudah shlishit, so I want to serve some pareve snacks that are fresh, healthy, not too heavy, just right for a summer day outdoors. Any ideas?

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  1. Sliced watermelon is obvious and you probably thought about it already, do it, everyone loves it.

    I like to bake a banana date bread for a light Shabbos afternoon meal. You can warm it, wapped in foil, on a blech or hot tray. After all, we all talk light but guests do tend to eat the goodies.

    If you want to get serious, pretend you are welcoming them to a tiled courtyard garden in the old Jewish quarter of Aleppo, Jerusalem or Marrakesh, and serve an array of mezze. As many and as fancy as you (or your local Moroccan kosher take-out shop) can provide.

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      OOh I like the mezze idea! Can I serve them with crackers rather than pita? I want to avoid bread. Any crackers you recommend?

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        Trader Joe's has fantastic pita crackers. You can usually find similar pita crackers in the deli section of a good large supermarket, also.

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          You might try the Middle Eastern flat bread-type crackers, they come with various herbs or sesame and other seeds.

          And accompany it with iced tea made with fresh mint leaves.

      2. spiced chick peas or spiced nuts, dried and fresh fruit - nothing more refreshing than sliced watermelon, cherries, or some strawberries. Fruit pie, or some parve ice cream or sorbet. crackers with dips - hummus, tehina, guacamole

        1. My favorite fruit salad. I get invitations sometimes from friends who just want me for my fruit salad.

          Cut up as many different kind of fruit as you can find (preference for the firmer things like apples and cantaloupe) into small pieces like you were making Israeli salad. Make sure that there are oranges or tangerines. Even cut grapes in half. If you use watermelon the leftovers will be mushy, but that's ok because there won't be leftovers ;) Add in some liquor: I use DeKuyper Peach Schnapps, but you could use Amaretto or Frangelico. If you don't want to add alcohol, use orange or orange/banana juice. Add chopped dates or raisins. Really, use dates. (You could add coconut but I don't like coconut.) Mix it up. Don't put the bananas in until your guests arrive!!

          Serve with some cute little cookies.

          To take it to another level, make a watermelon bowl: Scoop out the fruit from a watermelon cut in half the long way. Slice a small piece off the bottom so it will stay upright. Make a sort of shark-tooth edge to the top.

          To be even fancier you could cut the "bowl" with a handle made by cutting around the top.

          Warning: This takes more time than you think. I made this for around 100 people once and it took me 4 hrs.

          Sort of fits with your mezze theme.

          1. I agree with all these great ideas or you could more of an Italian Antipast without the cheese or meat -

            I have made both versions to give you ideas look at them here:,

            If you go with mezze and what crackers I think you can do pita chips without a motzi issue or you can buy Triscuits.

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            1. re: Tamar Genger

              These antipasto platters both look great. thank you for posting the links.
              I'm going with
              eggplant salad modified from
              cut up vegetables, baby carrots
              an assortment of crackers - I noticed in the supermarket that many crackers were Dairy. Had to search carefully. Couldn't find hechshered pita chips. No WH or TJ nearby
              roasted almonds
              dried fruit
              one other fruit
              mint iced tea
              Thanks all for the advice!

              1. re: serenarobin

                Some varieties (but not many) of Stacy's Pita Chips are kosher, and can be found in some supermarkets. I usually get the original kind, many of the flavored ones are not kosher. They are delicious!

                I know Shop Rite in my area has them, My local CVS had them too, but not for a while, not sure if they sell them anymore.