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Aug 9, 2011 11:51 PM

Where can I find good to excellent quality chocolate for baking and cooking.

Does anybody know where would I find quality chocolate for baking and cooking in this country. I live in the Brisbane, QLD area. Aologies, however Cadbury and Nestle does not count. I am looking for 55 - 80% cacao. Chocolates in the likes of Scharffen Berger, Valrhona, Chocolove, Cavalier, without having to order online. Your help is much appreciated and thank you as well.

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  1. I believe there is a Simon Johnson in Fortitude Valley that will carry Valrhona and the like. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Brisbane so can't offer much more than that.

    1. There are several stores on James st, New Farm such as New Farm markets, Jocelyns provisions as well as ferry Road markets in the Valley.
      I have found that the ADLI Moser Roth label 85% Cacao a reasonable substitute and a lot cheaper