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Aug 9, 2011 09:40 PM

Espresso / Street Food for Rome

I will be staying at Hotel Delle Rosa near the Piazza Bologna for three days and nights.My first time in Italy I am very excited. Would like to find espresso, bakeries, street food , places on the backstreets that I can get away to within walikng distance. Morning to late as it goes evening. Thanks

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  1. Hi emglow!
    Are you sure about the name of the hotel? I haven't found any similar name close to Bologna.

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      I could be wrong on the area. It is hotel Delle Province, On Viale Provincie 103. Says its close to University of Roma - La Sapienza between the area of Tiburtino and Pietralata. Thanks

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        Yes viale delle Provincie is close to Bologna area and to University too.

        Within a walking distance for morning breakfast and street food I'd recommend Mizzica, a Sicilian (from Catania to be precise) café serving some good sweet (morning pastries and "granite" above all!) and savoury food (such as "arancini"!).

        You can also walk to San Lorenzo that is the traditional area where people at university spend their evenings. Searching in this board you can find many suggestions for this area.

        Close to Termini station (not far but I'd go by bus/subway) Panella and Trimani are two great stops: the first one offers also a nice happy hour before lunch/dinner (12€) and has (expensive) homemade bread and many local "delicatessen", good aslo for some food shopping. Trimani is one of the best wine bars in Rome, including also a restaurant. Actually, I prefer it to drink a good glass of wine and buy some bottles from their giant wine cellar.

        Check the recently opened "Fish Market" in Pietralata if you are interested in a "unconventional" dinner not too far (about 4 miles away, better by taxi). It is a huge place serving fresh fish cooked at the moment, basic and without table service. Usually it is quite crowded and don't expect to find the best fish you can eat in Rome, but I haven't found so low prices in other places within the city.

        You will be close to a B subway stop and it will be easy to get to the central areas served by it.

        Fish Market
        Via di Pietralata, Roma, Lazio 00158, IT