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Aug 9, 2011 08:51 PM


I'd like a recommendation for a bakery or cafe where I can purchase sfogliatelle. What's suggested.

I find that I enjoy the slightly sweet ricotta along with a cappuccino for breakfast. Is that blasphemy? It's never been clear to me is this was acceptable as a breakfast pastry. ;-)

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  1. Nice ones at Stella Pastry, North Beach. Morning pastries but often available later on. Not as sweet as the famous Termini Bakery, South Phila. but nontheless as crunchy wonderful.

    Seems to be a dying art, preserved here:

    just to give an idea of the skill required to make this Sicilian tour de force.

    Stella Pastry
    446 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

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      for some pastries, Mara's up the street from Stella is pretty good, and the sfogliatelle we've tried there were decent. a real fanatico should try an ' A - B ' comparison between the two places. there's a place in Boston that makes great ones.

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        I didn't grow up in an Italian neighborhood, and didn't try sfogliatelle until adulthood; I'm not really a fanatic. A handful of years ago, my sister lived in Morris Park, Bronx, above Enrico's Pastry. While visiting, one morning, I tried their sfogliatelle (not really knowing what it was). I became hooked (pairing it with a cappuccino from across the street).

        I found a source in my parent's neighborhood, in Queens, but it didn't quite match up. Now, looking here in SF.

        Found a NY CH tread where folks where searching for the best in NY. Enrico's was in the running. Here's a photo from that thread:

        And, an article about Enrico's:

    2. Sfoglia in Sebastopol has a very good variation they call sfogliata. they're made at the nearby Village Bakery, but they're rarely if ever sold retail at their place of origin.

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        Has Sfoglia re-opened in another location?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          didn't know they closed -- the plight of micro businesses. we've tried a few things from Village Bakery, and the sfogliata were our favorite by far. thanks.

      2. I had sfogliatelle fresh out of the oven at Fiore Cafe (24th and Guerrero) a few weeks ago.

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        1. re: wanderlust21

          Stella Pastry on Columbus. They're morning pastries but usually some are left later in the day. Crispy, crunchy and undersweetened. Sfogliatell' and espresso. Perfection.

          Stella Pastry
          446 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

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            I hadn't realized they were baking at Fiore Caffe.

            What else have you had that's good? I've only had the coffee, which was okay, but mostly I liked the remodel.

            1. re: Windy

              Their pastry case has a mix of their own items and on certain days they have stuff from Knead. They were baking the day I was there, but I'm not sure which items were theirs. When I chose the sfogliatelle, the proprietor asked the baker if he was done with the ones he was making and they brought a fresh one out. He also mentioned that they hope to add dinner service in the future.

              1. re: wanderlust21

                PiQ Cafe in Downtown Berkeley has good ones.

                91 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, CA 94704

                1. re: wanderlust21

                  Thanks. I'll ask next time.

                  If they have Knead's milk chocolate malt eclairs, don't miss them.

            2. The original comment has been removed