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Aug 9, 2011 06:36 PM

Appetizers for someone that is handicapped and can't cook!

II am going to a gathering that has been going on for 35 years and have to bring a appetizer that will ultimately be made into a recipe book for all of us. But , I am not able to cook because I am handicapped. I was thinking about shrimp with a good sauce, etc. something totally easy that I can work my way through. Any other ideas? I can get help from my son but still need something that I actually do myself. By the way, I used to be a good cook, sad I can't anymore. So what would you all suggest? Love this site!

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  1. Not sure how confined you are, so this may be too basic, but a very easy fun appetizer is a block of cream cheese, covered with a jar of pepper jelly. Serve with crackers. If you can cook a sauce maybe you could also toast some nuts and chop for a garnish for the cheese. Spiced with cayenne or other favorites...

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      This is a good idea. I did something similar recently with blue cheese instead of the cream cheese and it was wonderful with Terra sweet potato chips.

    2. You're probably on the right track with seems like it is always the first thing eaten at any party. Lately we've been very fond of a sort of "Mexican Shrimp Cocktail" which is essentially a good-quality mild salsa with lots of chilled shrimp (shelled, de-veined, and tail-less, of course) stirred in. Serve it with a bowl of corn chips. You can go fancy and chop some cilantro on top, or serve it with lime wedges.

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        It's the first thing eaten at a party because people want to get to it while it's still cold....that, and the fact that it's delcious! It's also easy to find shrimp that is cooked and deveined, so a person with limited mobility could make something without too much effort.

      2. Hi jsl - can you give us some hints about what you are able to do, or what is particularly hard for you? My sweetie is disabled (really limited mobility) - we do lots of problem solving. Or are you looking for a few fun ingredients that you can put together really easily?

        1. Salmon is always popular and easy to deal with: perhaps you could take a side of cold poached salmon with a good mayonnaise and some artisan bread? or could you crumple some smoked salmon slices onto bread or toast slices with a little horseradish? Or, depending on your particular dexterity or strength issues, you could perhaps make a pate which could equally well be used as a dip - one of our favourites is cream cheese whipped with sardines, lemon juice and mustard, which could be served with breadsticks. I love this site too!

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            All your suggestions sound wonderful. I am limited, so I am unable to stand, have to sit to cook which takes much time and energy. So obviously, something that is easy and not time consuming. Thanks so much for your help...............

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              My suggestion is to pick something up to take so that you have the energy to enjoy your event.

              Bring your recipes that you used to make so that your family and friends have them written down.

              I wish my mom and aunt had done this for us. Their food is just a fond memory.

          2. You could do goat cheese rolled in chopped nuts and herbs.