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Aug 9, 2011 05:27 PM

the new waffle joint, is it Waffle Chix???

what do you guys think of that joint?

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  1. Waffle Chix is the place on Broxton in Westwood Village. Pretty nice place, new looking, with some kind of bar in front with a couple of flat screens. Best deal there is the chicken waffle sandwich -- a fried chicken patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato and I think some kind of tomato jam between two waffles cut into fourths like a club sandwich. Served with waffle fries (or sweet potato fries, I think) for just under $10. The best deal there. I order it with mayo on the side so it doesn't get too soggy. The waffles themselves had a nice enough flavor, but even when first put in front of me weren't as crisp as I'd like ideally.

    The other new waffle place is Waffle Brix (or is it Waffle Bri, or something like that) which is on the south side of Wilshire in Santa Monica near 24th. It is a bit brighter and homier mwith big windows and a lot of small tables. I've only had a plain dessert waffle (with powdered sugar) there and it was good, but not enough to make me crave coming back. Again, pretty tasty, but not crisp enough for my tastes.

    My favorite in some pretty extensive searching about a year ago was a surprise -- the small oval waffle served with berries in the squares at Le Pain Quotidien also on Broxton in Westwood Village. Now I'm not even sure if these are made fresh or reheated (they have some wrapped in plastic available for takeout near the counter) but they are dense, crispy, and have the sugar bits crystallized in them for a little crunch. Smaller than a regular waffle but very satisfying.

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      The waffle place on Wilshire and 24ths is called Bru's Wiffle. Along with breakfast and dessert waffle options, it expands the chicken and waffle concept to include concoctions like chili and waffles, meatballs and waffles, etc. Not feeling very adventurous, I settled for eggs benedict waffles. Actually very good, though the waffles themselves lacked crispness.