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Aug 9, 2011 05:26 PM

Blackwater MO??

If Mr. Sueatmo and I stopped for lunch at Blackwater, MO on our way to Western MO, would we find a good lunch?

If so, where would you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I cannot personally attest to it - and I believe Blackwater is quite, quite small, so one's options are limited - but we just got a copy of a book called Best Breakfast Eats in Missouri, and the author talks about the Blackwater Grill, at 106 Main St., phone 660-846-2220. She uses the word "diner" for it, and says they do three meals a day. I can't vouch for anything about it but it might be a place to start.

    Main St Cafe
    Main St, Buffalo, KS 66717

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      That might be the only place for lunch. I would call to make sure they will be/or are still open. We were there a while ago and there was nothing open for lunch.

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        Thanks for the info. I knew it was small, but it seems to be courting tourists. We can find another place that isn't iffy.

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            Probably I 70. In theory we could go I 36 to St. Joe, but I70 is easier for us to start out on. We travel I70 West pretty frequently, and we always end up at a chain because we are "making time." This is supposed to be less about getting to our destination, and more about seeing a part of MO that we've never visited. I'm interested in seeing St. Joseph, and we could either do a little KC, or visit Ft. Leavenworth in KS. Haven't decided yet.

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              I don't know if this is when you are traveling but this weekend they are having this event. We did eat at the Waverly Apple BBQ and it was good, although there is much better in KC. The pie was good and home made I think.


              Lexington is an interesting town and has quite a few more places to eat.


              We get up that way going to Omaha/KC 3 or 4 times a year and like to take different ways.

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                  If you go to Lexington, be sure to check out the cannon ball stuck in courthouse wall! Kinda neat.

      2. I know this may be too late, but the best restaurant in the area right now is a place called Catalpa in Arrow Rock, MO. It is located in a quaint old brick cottage on High Street in Arrow Rock. Arrow Rock is about 7 or 8 miles from Blackwater. Catalpa doesn't have a website, but just google Catalpa Arrow Rock and see what you find. At the least, give them a call. The chef/proprietor, Liz Huff, is doing amazing things there. Because the cottage has such limited seating, reservations would be recommended. The food is absolutely fantastic!

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          Thanks for posting this. Do they serve lunch?

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            I'm not sure, but I don't think so, If they do, it would be on a day that the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre is having a matinee, but my advice is just call them and see what they say. We are planning to dine there after a matinee of The Fantasticks on Saturday 8/27. It was so good when we were there a couple months ago, we want to try it again. Making my mouth water just thinking about it.... (and is so much better than the Iron Horse Restaurant in the hotel at Blackwater).

            Iron Horse Restaurant
            103 Main St, Blackwater, MO 65322