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Aug 9, 2011 04:19 PM

Lunch in one and a half hours at Violon D'Ingres - is it doable

We have a reservation for lunch at 1.30 pm on a Monday at Violon D'Ingres and need to depart for the airport at 3.00 pm. This gives us 1.5 hours for lunch would this be doable?
We don't want to do the degustation lunch - would prefer to choose a la carte and just have 2 courses. Unfortunately we can't get to the restaurant any earlier than 1.30 either. Also can anyone advise if they do a fixed price lunch menu, and what that comprises, and roughly what the cost would be if we opted for a la carte instead. Thanks in advance

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  1. yes you can eat there in 1.5 hours. Tell them you need a taxi at 1500 and they will call one for you and have it waiting.

    Violon is not overly fomal anymore. They reformatted about 5 years ago. There is no pressure to order three courses, just 2 is fine, no problem. If you want 3 i think the deal is 3 courses for 49e, but supplements apply to some items. Otherwise should be something like 40e for entree + plat or 36e for plat + dessert, again supplements will apply for some things.

    It is a good restaurant, very well run, not spectacular stuff coming out of the kitchen but always very enjoyable, to me anyway.

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      Thanks f2dat06, that answers all my questions!