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Aug 9, 2011 02:51 PM

grass fed beef, organic pastured chicken, wild (not farmed) deep water fish available IN RESTAURANTS

Is there a list of toronto midtown and downtown restaurants, cafe's that participates in offering grass fed beef, organic pastured chicken and WILD not farmed fish, from clean not polluted worldwide waters, and true organic pastured eggs (not the omega 3 added type)?
Myself and large group would gladly pay a bit more for those menu items.
Even if there is only ONE item on the menu in one of the categories above, that's what we would always go and eat. Myself and a large following of healthy eaters would frequent those spots instead of buying it and preparing most of our meals at home which is getting tiresome.

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  1. Niagara Street Cafe

    Niagara Street Cafe
    169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA