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Aug 9, 2011 02:20 PM

A.C. Bachelor Party - dinner for 10 - 12 - private room?

Gambling, strip club (could use a recommendation here as well), steakhouse? what more could a man want? private room would be great. does not have to be at a casino. needs to be nice, and the food has to be excellent, the very best--this bachelor works at a michelin-starred manhattan restaurant. good and plentiful cocktails. does NOT have to be a steakhouse per se, but this at least seems to be the proper vibe for a group of dudes heading out for a big night. HELP!

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  1. I might check out Bobby Flay's Steakhouse at the Borgata. I'm pretty sure they have private rooms off in the wings and the food is off the chains. Can't help you with the strip club though.

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      Just had one at Ruth Chris and they did a great job and their price fix menu was great. We ordered extra shrimp trays that they priced by the tray too.

    2. i personally would go with the knife and fork. its not in a casino but the food is astounding and they have multiple private rooms. i am a 28 yo male and have been to a bachelor party dinner there and they took great care of us.

      as for strip club... delilahs den