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Aug 9, 2011 01:53 PM

Cambodian in Paris?

Hello, I am going to visit Paris again this September, and was wondering if someone could recommend some good Cambodian restaurants? I remember I ate at one near the L'hopital Saint-louis that was delicious a few years back. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks! I will be staying both on the right and left banks so can explore!

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  1. The restaurant where you ate was probably "Le Cambodge" on avenue Richerand.

    It's the only cambodian place I know, so I may not be of much help, but last time I went it was still great (frankly I compare all BoBuns to the ones at this restaurant, and I've yet to find any better...)

    1. Many restaurants in the South Chinatown area of Paris (between place d'Italie and the Périphérique) are actually owned and managed by Cambodian families, and serve Cambodian dishes though the sign will read "Spécialités Chinoises Vietnamiennes Thaïlandaises", etc.

      I think Le Cambodge is somewhat overrated, and not worth the considerable trouble to get in. Other choices:

      Tricotin, 15 avenue de Choisy (13th). Not advertised as Cambodian, but serves Cambodian dishes (try the "Soupe de nouilles spéciale de la maison"). In the Chinese department they simply make the best dim sum in Paris.
      La Coloniale, 25 rue Mazarine (6th)
      Melinda, 30 avenue de la Porte de Choisy (13th)
      Bayon, 121 rue Monge (5th), Khmer cooking
      La Mousson, 9 rue Thérèse (1st)
      Au Coin des Gourmets, rue Dante (5th)
      Sun Ly, 15 avenue de Choisy (13th), Khmer cooking
      Mondol Kiri, 159 avenue de Choisy (13th), "modernized" Cambodian cooking

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      1. re: Ptipois

        Rio - you're right - it was le Cambodge! And Ptipois, thank you so much! I will post a report on these after I try them.

        One of my favorites for Chinese in the 13th is Likofa, do you know if it still is worth a trip to?

        Also, I really enjoyed restaurant Chengdu on the Blvd de Strasbourg (near the Passage Brady) for Sichuanese - does anyone know if that one has stayed decent?

        And, is Passage Brady still the best low cost Indian food?

        I'm sorry to be asking about Asian and Indian food on the France board, but I've had some wonderful Asiatic culinary experiences in Paris (perhaps because the ingredients in France are so unadulterated) which I would love to re-live!

        Thanks again for everyone's suggestions!

        1. re: annie


          You must mean Likafo. 利口福. Two hounds just pigged out there recently, and didn't take me! and dared rave about it!

          "restaurant Chengdu on the Blvd de Strasbourg"

          Yup, 川外川. Good spicy Sichuan.

          1. re: Parigi

            Likafo indeed and just as good as ever indeed.

          2. re: annie

            Oh and I forgot:
            Cambodian + weird = Mai Tai One, a Cambodian restaurant cum café cum pinball arcade (or at least it feels like one) located atop of the escalators left side of the Paris Store on avenue d'Ivry, can't miss it, facing the big pharmacy as you enter the covered arcade. Haven't checked for some time but it sure was good when I tried it first.

            1. re: annie

              First of all Annie, many thanks for showing your appreciation of Asian foods in Paris. I rate them very highly too, especially the Vietnamese and Laotian offering.

              Passage Brady is unfortunately no longer the best low-cost Indian food. To tell the truth, it rather sucks, although the Uttar Pradeshi dishes at Pooja are quite decent. Better try your luck in the upper part of Faubourg-Saint-Denis, past the Gare du Nord, where you can find many South Indian and Srilankan snack and pastry shops. Honestly, most of them are nothing to write home about, but I do recommend the Paris branch of the Chennai chain of vegetarian restaurants Saaravana Bhavan.
              A walk in that neighborhood will certainly fascinate you if you're interested in Asian and Indian foods in Paris. From the Porte Saint-Denis to La Chapelle = uninterrupted bliss.

            2. re: Ptipois

              I agree that Le Cambodge is overrated "today", meaning now that all dishes are around 12€ with the bobun at 9.50€... When I first discovered it the bobun was 7.50€, making it as cheap as any bad "chinese" place, so it really was a great deal for that quality and fresh ingredients.

              1. re: Rio Yeti

                The place is still pretty good, but it has become so crowded and hard to get in that the last time I was there I wondered whether the food was still worth the wait. Decided it was not.

                Since they don't take reservations they have a particular "table-holding" system which is as follows: squeeze yourself in, make your way through the crowd to the counter, give your name and mobile phone number, and then squeeze yourself out and take a stroll by the canal or wherever you wish to. When a table becomes available for you, they'll give you a ring and you'll run like crazy, hoping they haven't changed their mind in the meantime and given your table to someone else. Hum.

                1. re: Ptipois

                  Thank you all so so much! Pti, what Laotian places do you recommend? My Vietnamese aunt who lives near Tolbiac will cook me her home cooked dishes, but I've not had Laotian in Paris before - wow, sounds like my few weeks will be a voyage of discovery for Asian/South Asian in Paris!

                  1. re: annie

                    Tricotin (ask for Cambodian dishes), Melinda, Bayon, Sun Ly (though I always found the decor depressing), Au Coin des Gourmets which has a more graceful setting (but is distinctly more expensive).

                  2. re: Ptipois

                    Or you get there at around 7:30 P.M., wait in line while they open at 8:00 P.M. sharp, and then get a table right away.

                    Still, I do agree with you that this restaurant's popularity has surpassed it's quality.

                    1. re: Rio Yeti

                      That's still half an hour waiting in line which is far more than I'll put up with, except in some rare cases when the food it really worth it (Le Relais de Venise for instance, where the wait rarely exceeds 15 minutes) and especially since there are other Cambodian restaurants in Paris serving good food.