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Aug 9, 2011 01:27 PM

can I put chicken *and* beef in my pot pie?

So... I was going to make chicken pot pie tonight. It turns out I have less chicken than I thought I did. I have about 2 chicken thighs in the freezer. But I also have some pieces of beef tenderloin. (I also have some kielbasa and ground chuck, but I'm thinking those wouldn't work.)

I know there are beef pot pies...

Would it be a disaster if I used chicken and beef in the same pot pie?

Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. If it sounds good to you, that's what matters. I think it sounds odd and I'd make up the lack of chicken with vegetables, myself.

    1. I think the beef taste would overwhelm the chicken and/or make things slightly weird. Neither flesh nor fowl.

      How about making little pot pies, some chicken, some beef? Don't need bottom crust.

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        Agree, make minis, and keep the chicken and beef separate. I've had both chicken and beef pot pies, just not combined. The chicken will be overwhelmed by beefiness. Save the ground chuck for Shepherd's pie and the kielbasa for whatever else.

        Mixing meats in a stew is not a totally strange idea, Latin kitchens have the wonderful Sancocho, a mixed meat stew containing pork or ham, beef or short ribs, often chicken and various tropical vegetables, yuca, yautia, ├▒ame, plantains, calabaza, etc. and chunks of corn on the cob. Very tasty stuff.

      2. Chicken *and* beef? I think it would explode in your oven. Add to that kielbasa and ground chuck, you're teetering on defcon5 meltdown.

        I think a key to good chicken pot pie is the broth. Maybe decide on what kind of broth (chicken or beef) would be dominant, make that, then throw the other in afterward for substance (as opposed to flavor). The kielbasa doesn't seem to fit. Ground chuck, maybe if your beef will dominate.

        I wouldn't want to over think it though {;-/)

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          oof... yeah, you guys are probably right. I'll just have to find something else.

        2. How about using a little extra dough (or some mashed potatoes) to make a dividing ridge in the pan, and doing a chicken pot pie on one side and beef on the other? You could use the same vegetables and broth on both sides.

          Alternatively, if you have a smaller round pan or flat-bottomed heatproof dish that will fit into your pot pie dish, make one meat pie in the center and a ring of the other around it.

          1. Well, thanks for talking me off the ledge, folks. The individual pie ideas were good, but I ended up just getting more chicken. For what it's worth (I saw a long discussion about this on an old thread) I definitely recommend Mark Bittman's Chicken Cobbler recipe. I added potatoes and made the sauce a bit thicker, and my husband stuffed himself on it. (the ultimate compliment)

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              I think this is probably the recipe, in case anyone is interested: