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Aug 9, 2011 11:46 AM

The Pittsburgh Strip on Sunday and breakfast on Monday?

My husband and I will be in Pittsburgh next weekend with our fifteen-year-old son. We'll be arriving in the city late morning, spending the night, and leaving around lunchtime on Monday. Will shops and restaurants in the Strip be open on Sunday afternoon? Any suggestions for a fairly light Sunday lunch, or for Monday breakfast? We've already got dinner plans for Sunday.

Have thought about Lucy's for Banh-mi. My husband and I eat just about everything--our son is a bit pickier, but he is usually game to try things, and I'm sure he'll be able to find something to eat.

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  1. You can have brunch at Lidia's from 11-2:30, or dinner 5-8.

    1. Everything will be open in the Strip Sunday afternoon until about 4 pm or so.

      Cafe Raymond has very good sandwiches on fresh baked bread and also very good brunch-type offerings. They are one of my favorite "light-lunch" spots down there.

      There is a taco stand outside of Reyna's, a Mexican grocer, that offers extremely tasty tacos. There are a few tables outside the shack that will be occupied, so you'll probably have to eat as you walk/stand. But the tacos are small, light and delicious. Perfect for a strolling snack.

      Penn Avenue Fish Company has a number of great sushi, salad and sandwich offerings and, overall, do a very good lunch.

      I believe Lucy used to do some of her prep at Firehouse Lounge, which closed at the beginning of the month. I haven't been down there since it closed, so I'm not sure if Lucy was effected.

      Like Jay says, Lidia's Sunday brunch is very good, but it is also quite substantial and possibly a little more of an ordeal than a "light lunch."

      For breakfast on Monday I would again suggest Cafe Raymond. Some of the breakfast offerings are amongst the best on their menu.

      Other solid Monday breakfast options might be Pamela's or DeLuca's, both of which are more diner-style. Pamela's offers thin, crispy, crepe-like pancakes that I really enjoy. Their Lyonnaise potatoes are also very good. DeLuca's, on the other hand, is a very traditional diner, and I have found their breakfast to be very good. Personally, I like the breakfast burrito.

      Cafe Raymond
      2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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          Not everythign will be open until 4 on Sunday in the strip. A lot of the grocerys close around 2:30 -3... Food Carts don't always last too late in the day also. I learned my lesson last Sunday...

          However! I always recomend Renya's as a quick bite.. the tacos are not very big and make a nice snack 2 for 5 bucks. Also they have glass bottle cokes inside the store. Honestly the best Taco I have ever had.. I highly recomend at least trying one.

          Lucy's is a GREAT IDEA, but once again not sure when she is going to be there till

          Cafe Raymond has very high quality food for a decent price.. One of the lighter lunches in the strip in a good way. They close around 2 .. depeding on how busy they are. I never had thier breakfast but hear good things.

          Kaya is another option, they have a brunch till around 3.. and is open after that with a regular menu. I personally have mixed feeling about Kaya..been there 5-6 times never had bad meal.. but nothing unbelievable.

          Just a thought, stay away from Rolands and Primantis, Bella Norte... They are not horrible , but so many better options ...

          Up the road a little ( lower lawrencvile) you have ... Coca Cafe( not sure hours) and Round Corner Catina that have a sunday brunch.... Bother are extremely good if you like thier menu check them out online.

          Sundays are tricky in the burgh not everything is open or have limited hours...

          S/N Deluca's and Pamela's are ok, but the waits are never worth it

          Cafe Raymond
          2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

          Deluca's Restaurant
          2015 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

          1. re: Augie6

            What Augie says is true.

            I have gotten to Cafe Raymond on a Sunday too late for there to be anything left to eat, so you may want to go early. I don't see their hours listed on their website, so you might want to call to see when they're open on Sunday. 412-281-4670.

            I completely agree about the last four places he mentions. Coca Cafe opens at 10.

            Cafe Raymond
            2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

          2. re: MonMauler

            I think Cafe Raymond is closed Monday, can't find the info on their website but I'd at least call and double check.

            Cafe Raymond
            2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

            1. re: MonMauler

              Lucy has an agreement with the new renters of the firehouse and is there every day as usual.