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Aug 9, 2011 11:07 AM

Catering Recs in Charlotte?

Looking for an inexpensive option to cater in Charlotte, near the University area fro about 60 people. Ideally, I'm hoping to find a restaurant that can deliver food & set up buffet style. Looking for something Southern or Italian, since there will be some older, pick eaters. Any suggestions?

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  1. Mac's does catering:

    For Italian, I've been to a luncheon catered by Mama Ricotta's. It was OK, nothing special, but pretty cheap I think.

    Amalfi's is in the area and caters but I can't give a first-hand reference to anything other than the pizza there:

    Mama Ricotta's Restaurant
    601 S Kings Dr, Charlotte, NC 28204

    1. A lot of soul food places cater. Off hand I can think of LaWans, Nanas, Lolas, and Simmons. I like all of these, but I don't think I've had any catering but Lolas, of which I'm a fan.

      Carpe Diem has good catering, encompassing both Southern and Italian fare.