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Aug 9, 2011 11:05 AM

Quebec City - Bistro B par Francois Blais, any early feedback

Wondering if any fellow Chowhounders (chowhoundees? chowhoundii?) based out of Quebec have been to Francois Blais' (ex-Panache) new bistro, Bistro B. Apparently it's been open a few weeks and really in the early stages (signage is not done, some items aren't on the menu yet apparently) but word out is very good. I'm wondering if it's a Quebec City attempt at bistronomy or something else entirely.

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  1. It's been open for about two weeks now. I haven't been yet, but a friend of mine went. For the moment, there is only an à la carte menu and it's not open for lunch. She said it was good, though a bit pricey, and she suggested that we may wait a few weeks until they get their full-speed pace. The wine list was deceiving, she said, really short, but it's supposed to expand.

    I guess we'll have to try for ourselves.

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      My brother in law went. You are right Jesuissnob, only à la carte, average and good for food, nice and modern restaurant but a too high level of noise and music. Wine out of price.

    2. 2015 update. My family and I found Bistro B by accident after we could not get into another restaurant. We found it to be wonderful. I had the duck breast. great beer list, great wine list, lovely local ingredients. we all shared a smoked salmon appetizer which was made more interesting by some additional ingredients not normally found with salmon: Lemon curd, cranberries.