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Aug 9, 2011 10:48 AM

Going to Paris late September. Worth trying to eat at Comptoir du Relais?

We are headed to Paris in late September 2011. Is it worthy trying to get into Comptoir du Relais? My favorite reasonably priced places are Fontaine du Mars, and Violin d'Ingres, and I really like the menu at Cafe Constant, though I have not yet eaten there. I do plan to eat there on this trip. I can't find any sort of menu online for Comptoir du Relais. Does anyone have a handle on what the food the prepare looks like? Seems like lots of mixed reviews on whether it is worth the hassle and the hype to eat there on Weeknights. Any advice? There are lots of very very expensive highly rated places to eat in Paris that do not do it for me when I look at the menu. I prefer Nouvelle cuisine to Haute Cuisine.

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  1. Le Comptoir du Relais is not Nouvelle Cuisine, it is modernized bistrot food with a slightly more elegant touch at dinner.
    I do think it is worth trying at lunch if you drop by at 12 exactly, but I don't think dinner is worth booking far ahead.

      1. As mentioned by Phil D often, lunch is no res, get there before 11:45 or after 1:30 and no line. If you are a three top, there is a perfect table they try to save for 3's, best table in house. In evening, fussier dinner with more expensive ingredients and an impossible res unless you are staying at the adjoining hotel. Eaten lunch there three or four times had not been able to get a res for dinner yet. Find the place good but not as good as his past employee's places, CLAJ and Le Regalade.

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          DCM has good advice. I used to eat dinner their quite a lot (I got to know the HOH team so was able to score spare tables) and whilst it was good it isn't significantly different enough from lunch to justify the long, long wait. It should also be noted that some of the evening dishes make it to the specials blackboard (on the mirror inside).

          I suspect it is an even more tough reservation now Yves is a France Masterchef judge - try it if you can, but not one to lament if you can't as lunch gives the flavour of the place.

        2. Try Septime, Sature, Agape Substance, Passage 53, Akrame.

          1. gdmack, i had a really good lunch at Comtoir. "PhilD" - I speak broken French. I had a great veal dish with the most yummy green beans (and i'm not even a green bean fan) & there may have been another vegetable mixed in. Before going i had read a review done by a food critic/chef with pictures of food i would liked to have ordered. I think one pic was of a beef stew. I kicked myself for not seeking out how to say it in french!! I felt i got lucky with what i ordered. I saw many people orderd salads, the safe thing to order. Any food suggestions to order, sticking with veal, beef, chicken or fish (no gelatin type meat)?

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