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Aug 9, 2011 10:14 AM

Epazote in Santa Fe

This restaurant in Santa Fe has rave reviews on Tripadvisor and ranks as the number one restaurant in Santa Fe. I haven't seen a lot of mention of it on posts here. Any comments on this restaurant? Worth a stop when we visit Santa Fe next month?


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  1. Fernando Olea has had some really great restaurants in SF over the years. My experience with his places has been that one can have an outstanding food experience or a vaguely indifferent one - and I've not really been able to really put my finger on how to predict how a given visit will turn out. I would not be surprised to learn that Epazote is knocking out world-class cuisine . . . but I don't believe I've ever recommended the place to an out-of-towner. If you go, I'd be curious to hear how you found it.

    1. Jim8662: Did you happen to read a Chowhound usernamed cyssf's review of Epazote in the recent Southwest thread titled "Last Minute Santa Fe"?

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        Yes, this was an excellent review. We're taking my older brother out for his 70th birthday. So. Im looking for a nice restaurant and I love mole sauces. Haven't been to Pasquales, but i've read good things about it. Might try for breakfast the week we're there.