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Mar 24, 2006 02:37 AM

Sandwiches at Galco's Soda

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I plan to go to Galco's this weekend to get some ginger ale and creme soda. I heard that Galco's Soda Shop has sandwiches. How are they?

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  1. Years ago I was curious like yourself and got a sandwich and I didn't think it was anything special. They have service deli counter but there's hardly anyone lined up for their sandwiches.

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      I disagree, they are special in my opinion and they are great.

    2. The meatball is just okay.
      Same with the Italian combo.

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        Hershey Bomar

        Had one a couple years ago and wanted to throw up. Skip it. Tasted odd and old.

        1. Hi... After the justifiable excitement of descending upon all the groovy sodas in glass bottles at Galco, the last aisle where the sandwich counter is located is a real big letdown. It's downright depressing and the term 'forlorn' could best describe the view over the counter. The old Huell Howser (California's Gold) tv segment where he visits Galco and strong-arms the sandwich counter person with faint praise about their sammiches would have you believe that those sad torpedoes were LEGENDARY. But even Huell can't muster up the plausible conviction to at least take a small bite of the sandwich set before him. I think the owner of Galco (a really nice guy) could have an even bigger goldmine on his hands if he infused that sandwich counter area with a transfusion of life in the form of quality ingredients and a more appetizing deli counter space. (Surfas has the idea, with quality sandwiches and cold exotic sodas sharing the same space). I know Galco is quite out-of-the-way for many, but those who seek out the hundreds of sodas available would, I bet, stick around and spend another $5 or $10 for a really good 'signature' sandwich (ala Hotdog On A Stick, which moves a lot of lemonade along with its signature corndogs)...

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            Your post inspired me to send a link to this thread directly to the kind people at Galco's. I drive up from Long Beach and, yeah, it would be nice to have a little sustenance to go with my Hot Hot Hot Jamaican ginger ale or Schwepps Bitter Lemon.

            1. re: Christine

              Another negative experience here with their deli. I can't remember what I ordered, but I know I couldn't make it through the whole sandwich.

              And if someone from Galco's is actually reading this due to the link: how about giving the customers 4-pack or 6-pack deals on most of their sodas instead of making us pay per individual bottle for nearly everything? Unless I want to get something extremely obscure, I've found much better value elsewhere for Mexican Pepsi and other bottled sodas.

              1. re: nakni

                They have a case discount. You can also purchase a fequent customer card that gives you an additional discount on top of the case discount. It pays for itself quickly. What more do you want?

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  "purchase a fequent customer card" What kind of cheap crap is that? My local coffee shop, sandwich shop and car wash GIVE me a free fequent customer card. Ten visits and number elevan is FREE. Also, I was stupid enough to pay for that Galso's card and then lost it. No Big because I think it was DATED and had to be fully punched by a certain date or you might have well tossed your money in the trash can outback. Come to think of it that bad experiance left such a bad taste in my mouth I have not been back there since.

            2. re: silence9

              Agreed. A worthwhile east coast-style Italian deli counter would be most welcome, and I imagine could be quite successful with the proper marketing and promotion.

            3. I pretty much agree with all of the comments, but if you have to get a sandwich there, get the "South of the Border Blockbuster". I usually get it with roast beef and it comes with avocado and slices of pickled jalapeno peppers which makes it a lot more flavorful.

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                I work near Galco's and I get sandwhiches from there often. I've tried several kinds, but I've settled on roast beef or turkey "south of the border" style.

                They serve them on a nice, flaky yet soft roll, with shredded lettuce, good tomatoes, mayo mustard, avocado and topped with a nice ortega chili pepper. It's a damn good sandwhich.

                The others I've tried aren't as good, but they are not nearly as bad as some of these posts would lead you to believe.

                I'm a sandwhich junkie, and I gotta say I'm VERY surprised with the assessment of Galco's sandos. Maybe people are put off by the spartan sandwhich counter or the lack of patrons, but I think they are quite good.