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Aug 9, 2011 09:40 AM

Fresh pasta near West Rox/Newton/Wellesley

I love getting Dave's fresh pasta, but am not in the mood to schlep to Somerville or to Russo's.

Can anyone suggest a great place for fresh pasta - either near me in West Rox, or somewhere along my commute to Wellesley?


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  1. sallyt - is at the Dedham farmers market (Weds 12-6 might be 5 not 100%). i have never gotten it there as i work right in Davis Sq and go there weekly.

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      johnnymac - thanks for the rec - I didn't see the pastaman but fior d'italia was selling fresh (frozen) pasta - we got fettucine and gnocchi. Fettucine was good, not as good as Dave's, but better than supermarket fresh pasta. We also got some gorgeous mini plums and very cheap ($2.30/lb) peaches, so thanks again!

    2. There is a place in Hyde Park on H.P. Av. called Serino's (sp?). Not sure if they still sell retail. Their pasta is pretty good. Make some calls.

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        Serino's no longer sells retail, but Tony's in Roslindale sells their pasta. It's frozen, but it's pretty good. We've had the spinach ravioli, the spinach and roasted garlic ravioli, and the cheese ravioli, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the ravioli don't fall apart when boiled and how NOT salty it tastes.

        Whole Foods also carries fresh pasta, though I know it's not comparable to Dave's.

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          Thanks for the update. Their raviolis are quite good.