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Aug 9, 2011 08:12 AM

Help: easy to park spot to meet a friend

Last minute meeting with a friend from out of town. I'm picking her up around 17th and Walnut and we'd like to go for a drink around 3 or so this afternoon. She's staying with her sister near 19th and Bainbridge. Is there somewhere in between we could stop with easy/free parking? Nursing a bad knee and really don't want to shell out for $30 parking for a few hours. Thanks

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  1. Go to Brauhaus Schmidtz, 7th and South. You can park at a garage at sixth and south. Use the coupon you will find on the web. It will cost you 6 dollars.


    1. parking around sidecar at 22nd and christian is pretty easy and it's close to where she's staying

      plus sidecar has delicious beers and good bar food

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        + 1 for sidecar, there's usually parking right out in front on the block or the block below them

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          Went to Sidecar recently. Had a great experience - lots of great beers, the salmon was cooked perfectly, and they had a fresh sweet potato pie served with real whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream - all so good. Also had the fried mac and cheese which was delicious.