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Aug 9, 2011 08:06 AM

Silit cookware coatings: Silargan vs CeraProtect

Okay, I am still tempted by the Silit frypan even though I will probably need a small crane and derrick to lift the thing, LOL.

Anyway I am looking on the Silit website at the specs for the coatings and now I'm more confused than before. They apparantly have 3 different non-stick surfaces, two of which are Silargan ( ) and Cera-Protect ( ).

According to this, the Silargan is CERAMIC and the CeraProtect is a "MINERAL BASED" coating. The CeraProtect info says it is PFTE-free but the Silargan info does not mention PFTE ... only that it is nickel free (which doesn't matter to me). So now I am wondering if Silargan does use or contain PFTE/PFOA. :-/

Does anyone who has a Silit Silargan pan still have the product literature which maybe mentions the topic of PFOA/PFTE etc at all?

Apparantly it is hard/impossible to get answers to questions about Silit from their USA distributor, Natural Lifestyle. I emailed them twice last week about the weights of the pans and never got any response (which is why I asked here, and thank you tanukisoup for providing the info!). The contact form on Silit's own page defaults to the country of the asker which means it just gets routed to Natural Lifestyle and thus disappears into cyberspace forever, apparantly. :/

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  1. Sorry, I tried to delete my original post because I finally got an answer to my question(s) from Natural Lifestyle -- but apparantly after a certain amount of time has passed, posts can't be either edited or deleted.

    FWIW, I was told that none of the interior surfaces of any Silit cookware (whether Silargan, CeraProtect, or the other one whose name escapes me) contain any PTFE or PFOA. In case anyone else was wondering about that.

    Moderators, if you would like to delete both of these posts it is okay with me. :Save bandwidth and all that. ;-)

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    1. re: skyline

      Thanks for posting this follow-up, skyline. I also tried to find detailed information on the web, but failed. Good luck with your Silit cookware!

      PS. I just used my Silit Silargan 11" Fry and Serve pan the other day and was once again very pleased with its performance. It cooks a lot like an enameled cast iron pan, but with better heat conductivity out to the edges. It's also great for cooking at higher temperatures than I'd feel comfortable using with my Le Creuset stuff. I ordered a Silargan 9.5" frying pan from Amazon two days ago, and am expecting it today. I'd be happy to share my impressions if you're interested.

      1. re: tanuki soup

        I actually decided to bite the financial bullet earlier today and ordered the 11" frypan (not the fry & serve; I like having one long handle and the opposite helper handle which is what my current Farberware saute pan is like). Unfortunately Amazon didn't have that size pan available so I ordered from Natural Lifestyle.

        However, Amazon does have another Silit that I am interested in and that is the 3.75 qt steamer set. Amazon's price for the Energy Red is $186 with free shipping, while Natural Lifestyle is $199 plus $17 shipping -- a $30 difference.

        On the other hand, Amazon appears to be a little bit more expensive on their base price than Natural Lifestyle on the 9.5" frypans. I see that they're selling the Wild Orange for $132 and the Energy Red for $146 (free shipping). Yet over on Natural Lifestyle they sell both the Energy Red and the Crazy Yellow for $115 each (plus $15 shipping so it comes to almost the same as the orange which perhaps is being discontinued?? and $16 less than the red version on Amazon). I also notice that on Amazon this size pan is listed as 9.5" but Natural Lifestyle lists them as 10". Assume they indeed are the exact same pan though.

        I decided on the Professional series because I would rather have the plastic handle than the metal one, to keep the pan weight down as much as possible; also because the Pro series has a 10-year warranty, and last but not least, because I prefer the black to any of the colors. The "color" frypans don't mention the warranty period so I would be interested to know what your product literature says when you get your frypan and whether it is the same or shorter term than the Pro Series (which is the same price from ML as the color version with the metal handle, go figure).

        I also like that the Pro series also offers an 8" frypan and so if I end up loving the big frypan I would also have that option for a smaller size. Right now my only 8" is stainless, plus the vintage ScanPan that lost its so-called nonstick properties long ago and has gotten small "pits" in the surface that don't particularly thrill me -- which is why it lives in the back of the cabinet now, LOL.

        1. re: skyline

          Congratulations on your new pan! I hope you can post your impressions here after you've had a chance to use it for a while. It's a shame that Silit cookware isn't better known.

          1. re: tanuki soup

            I definitely will do that.

            One last question, what do you use on your Silargan interior if/when it takes more than just the usual soaping-after-soaking to get something more stubborn off? I use Bon Ami on my stainless when that happens. I also have two (older) Le Creuset pans -- the tarte tatin pan and also the 12" covered braiser that of course weighs a ton but is so useful for things that go into the oven that I couldn't bear to part with it, LOL -- and I use Bon Ami on those as well. Both have the original cream-colored enamel interior.

            Wondering if Bon Ami would be the thing to use on the Silit interiors also, should they need it?

            1. re: skyline

              I use Le Creuset Pot and Pan Cleaner on my Silargan pan if I notice any residue after normal washing. (The cleaner is kind of a gritty orange goo.) I figure that if it's gentle enough for Le Creuset enamel interiors, it should be fine for the Silargan finish.

              PS. I received the 9.5" frying pan today. It's the model with the plastic handle. Just FYI, it weighs 1.69 kg (3.73 pounds).

              1. re: tanuki soup

                It has the plastic handle? Really? Wow I am surprised again, because I just checked the Amazon description again and for both the Wild Orange and Energy Red 9.5" frypans it says this:

                "Modern, ergonomically designed all-metal handles are heat insulating and oven proof" under Product Features, and "along with an all metal handle that is heat-insulating and oven-proof" under Product Description.

                So the Amazon pan is described as having a metal handle but in reality has a plastic one?

                On the other hand, this is the description of the Energy Red (and yellow, etc etc) small frypan on the Natural Lifestyle page: "All-metal handles. Developed to protect your hands; modern, ergonomic, heat-resistant and absolutely ovenproof."


                So that means the 9.5" frypan sold on Amazon for $135+ is described as metal handled but actually has a plastic handle and thus is not ovenproof, but the 10" model sold by Natural Lifestyle for $115 is metal-handled and guaranteed ovenproof?

                Now I am more confused than ever, LOL

                What does the warranty info that came with your pan say (how many years)? Really curious about that now, in view of the metal/plastic handle confusion. :-)

                1. re: skyline

                  The more I read the descriptions at Amazon and at the Silit website, the more confused I get. Things are further complicated by the fact that I live in Japan, so I actually ordered my frying pan from Amazon Japan. The description at Amazon Japan (in Japanese) doesn't match the English description of what is apparently the same frying pan at Amazon USA, and the "manufacturer's model number" specified at Amazon Japan doesn't seem to correspond to any of the model numbers listed at Silit's website.

                  I think I'm ready to throw in the towel and simply enjoy using my new frying pan!

                  1. re: tanuki soup

                    Oh DOH! Completely stupid of me to simply ASSume that you ordered the pan from Amazon USA. Boy do I feel like an idiot. :-)

                    I do see there are plenty of things on the actual Silit (Germany) website that are not offered on their USA distributor's (Natural Lifestyle) website, so I'm not surprised that some of the item numbers probably don't match from one site to another. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that a manufacturer tailored one or more lines to the countries they will be sold in, so maybe that is what happens here: The Japanese-market pans have different handles than their American/Euro counterparts. Heck, companies do it all the time here with Big Box versus standard versions; most Home Depot/Lowes/etc versions have different "guts" and/or finishes than their full-retail counterparts. Just ask any plumber. ;-)

                    I agree: Just enjoy the pan! :-)