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Aug 9, 2011 07:56 AM

Wine Gift Suggestions, please...

I am invited to spend the weekend with my daughter's boyfriend's family in NY. I thought wine would be a good gift to send before my arrival. (I am flying there, traveling light.) They prefer white wine. I was thinking of spending around $150 or so, maybe 4 or 6 bottles? We have visited some Anderson Valley, CA wineries, and thought maybe selecting one to buy from, something they may not have tried. But maybe a selection of well know & liked wines would be a better choice? I would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations you could give me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are interested in something from the Anderson Valley I would suggest a mixed half case from Navarro. Quality, affordable wines that they probably do not see often in New York. They have a good variety as well so you could get six different bottles of wine for them.

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      Navarro was one of the wineries we visited, and bought wine from. Thank you for your suggestion.

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        As recently as yesterday Navarro and others weren't shipping to the east due to weather extremes,some exceptions for overnight.

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          Thank you for that information. I wonder if maybe I should just use a NY wine vendor, and go with whatever they have?

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            If you go with the NY wine vendor plan I have heard very good things about Chambers Street Wines. A good selection and fine customer service.


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              Thank you SO much for the recommendation! I really appreciate it! It will make things so much easier!
              Do you mind if I ask, if I should go with any of these whites, a mix of a couple? I like whites, but I do not spend a lot on my wine...husband likes red...:) These are all Chards, but I any recs would be appreciated. Thank you so much! I want to make a good first impression, and show my appreciation for their wonderful hospitality to me, and my daughter.
              Chalk Hill
              Stags Leap

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                it is a nice list of Chardonnay,knowing more about menus might add another variety of two,or not

                New York City and its greater metro area (to include CT&NJ) have many good,reliable and helpful retailers that ship or deliver,not a short list.I am only listing two because both have easy to navigate large catalogue web sites and very reliable shipping departments.

                ZACHY'S in New York

                WINE CHATEAU in New Jersey

                I am reluctant to list any further away,the weather has been execrable throughout most of the country recently.