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Aug 9, 2011 07:53 AM

Best (Indian/Pakistani/South Asian/Mughlai) kebab in NYC or NY metro region?

So I hear that Aminia of Calcutta in Hicksville has closed recently. :(

Shaheen is past their prime...

So, what's the very best kebab (kabob, kabap, kebob, kibob) in the area?

Shish kebab, reshmi kebab, etc. I love 'em all!

We are looking to cater a party and would love some recommendations. Don't need a full meal -- really want to concentrate on the best kebabs in the NYC area. Suggestions?


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  1. Sample a few items at Kababish in Jackson Heights (Broadway/73rd). They're a takeout joint that specializes in kababs (just a counter, no seating). They're some of the best kababs I've had, but I haven't ventured much further than Jackson Heights and Flushing, so YMMV.

    1. Have tried the kabobs at Choopan Grill in Hickville - very good. I agree with you in that it is hard to find good kabobs in NYC.

      Choopan Grill
      15 W Marie St, Hicksville, NY 11801