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Aug 9, 2011 07:25 AM

Where to stay in Oakland close to good restaurant and bar choices

Any areas recommended. Don't want to travel too far from hotel.

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  1. Downtown near 12th St. BART / Old Oakland / Chinatown there are several hotels and a high percentage of the Oakland restaurants and bars that get recommended here. It's close to the places in Jack London Square and the produce district, and not far from those in Uptown (19th St. BART).

    Jack London Square
    70 Washington St # 207, Oakland, CA

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I'd agree with this recommendation. Easy and safe walk up to 19th-20th St, and a good selection of associated eateries and drinkeries, and not far from JLS, although you might not want to walk it alone at night - but at worst, it is a few minute cab ride. If you go out early enough (to JLS area, depending on the day) you have a few wineries you can stop in.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I agree completely, Robert. Plenty of food, bar choices in Uptown. Stay at a downtown Oakland hotel (Marriott, etc) and hit the Uptown area eats or try Yoshi's for jazz/food in Jack London Square.

        Jack London Square
        70 Washington St # 207, Oakland, CA

        1. re: foodiefan6

          one of the outstanding pubs in the bay area, the Trappist, is a short walk from the downtown or old Oakland (adjacent to Chinatown) hotels. public transport (either bus or BART) also gives easy access to the Temescal neighborhood -- Pizzaiolo or Bar Lata would be of interest to many visitors.

          5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

      2. Why Oakland? Do you have a business meeting there? The Oakland Marriott CC is nice, so is the Waterfront Hotel, but I usually stay in Berkeley for east bay business because there is more to do at night and I like the dining there better in general. If you have to be in downtown Oakland for business you can ride BART from Berkeley to Oakland City Center.

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        1. re: scottca075

          If you're choosing purely on food, I'd agree with Robert--the Mariott, the Courtyard, the Clarion, or the (historic) Washington Inn in Downtown Oakland would be the best choices. You could always get on BART and go to Berkeley.

          But as a place to stay outside San Francisco, Berkeley has a generally livelier environment at night--there's the Shattuck Plaza, the Downtown Berkeley Inn, Joie de Vivre's Durant in the UC Campus area and some others.

          1. re: redrover

            I totally disagree, there's a lot more more happening at night in Oakland. Downtown Berkeley, it's mostly cheap places for students, and there's just a handful of bars.

            1. re: redrover

              Oakland has way more going on than Berkeley choosing purely on food, bars or both. It's not even close, particularly considering the free Broadway shuttle that runs until 1am Fridays and Saturdays between 27th and the foot of Broadway.

          2. We're kind of drifting off topic here. The request is for recommendations on where to stay in Oakland that's close to restaurants and bars.

            City Center / convention center / Old Oakland has lots of both, some excellent, close to the hotels.

            Jack London Square, not as many of either, average quality not as good, though there are a few gems, Bocanova, Yoshi's (sort of three in one, restaurant, bar, and jazz club), and Beer Revolution. Also Chop Bar and Encuentro, but they're a bit of a schlep.

            Are there any other options?

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            1. If the question is where to stay...the choices are limited to either downtown Oak/JLS or the airport...where all the hotels are located.

              The airport is dead for food or life in general so that leaves downtown/JLS.

              Any other area in Oakland will be suspect except maybe the random B&B.

              There are hotels in Berkeley and there's the Claremont.

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                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    The Claremont is walking distance (or a very short cab ride) from Rockridge, including Wood Tavern.

                    Wood Tavern
                    6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      To be contrary, I would not stay in Oakland at all. The restaurants are terrific. The hotels, not so much.

                      Options? Emeryville hotels near I80 are the closest. They are unremarkable but acceptable. SF options are better and just 15 minutes across the bridge.

                      No way to walk from interesting Oakland restaurants to an interesting hotel. Does not exist. Grab a non-drinking friend or a cab and drive to SF.

                      Sorry to be blunt. But, that's my 2 cents.

                      1. re: cortez

                        The OP isn't asking for an interesting hotel. Stick to the question.

                        And the Marriott in downtown Oakland is just as "acceptable" as any of the Emeryville I-80 corridor hotels. I know this first-hand from having spent a night in the former as well as pretty much all of the latter.

                        1. re: cortez

                          Not sure I'd say that the Emeryville 4 Points, Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn, or Woodfin Suites are substantially different from the Downtown Oakland Marriott and Courtyard. They're all serviceable, but not "interesting." That said, I'm not sure that "interesting" is a virtue in hotels.

                          The public transportation options are significantly worse for Emeryville, as are the walkable restaurant options (PF Chang's, CPK, etc.). And if the OP wants several good bars w/in walking distance, Downtown Oakland cannot be beat. And it could spare him/her a DUI.

                  2. There is a nice B&B that my in-laws have used just a couple of blocks off of Piedmont Ave. (on the Commis end). That gives you walking access to Commis, Bay Wolf, Dopo, Gregoire, B-Dama, Cesar, and Adesso, as well as a bunch of other stuff I wouldn't bother going out of my way for (though I eat at them because they're close to home). It is a short trip from there down Piedmont to Broadway (1.5 miles) and the Uptown/Downtown eateries. The Temescal area of Telegraph Ave. (w/ Pizzaiolo, lots of Korean places, etc.) is quite close as well (under 2 miles). The Rockridge area with Soi 4, Oliveto, Wood Tavern, and the Market Hall are around 2.5 miles away.


                    That said, if you will be using public transportation, something in Downtown Oakland (probably the Marriott or the Courtyard by Marriott) is your best bet.