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Expensive , High Quality , Olive Oil.... Now what?

I recieved some pretty expensive olive OIl as a gift and need some ideas. (MANNI OIL) I do not want to waste this oil , but have no idea what to use it on. Any Ideas?

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  1. get some really really good bread...dunk the bread in the oil....

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      I second the motion...good Italian bread, of course.

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        Yes, bread as a delivery agent for the oil because drinking it straight from the bottle is socially unacceptable. darn.

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          Funny I just had a conversation with my wife about this. She doesn't like to dip bread in oil. Doesn't like fat and just wants the bread. For me the bread is a vehicle to deliver the oil. It's all about the oil. And I do like bread but as you stated, it is socially unacceptable to drink it if you are not doing a tasting. Even with tastings they provide bread. Just give me the cup

      2. Okay, step one...

        Cut a hole in a box.

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          1. The best oils are made to stand alone. You should not use them as cooking oils. Drizzle them over vegetables or in a simple vinaigrette - or, as Monica suggest, enjoy with a good crust of bread.

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              it's tomato season. this is the oil for a great caprese. do not waste it in cooking: good bread and sea salt, sliced tomatoes, heaven.

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                Where's the fresh mozzarella to complete the Insalata Caprese along with 'basilico fresco tagliato a brandelli' (fresh basil cut into shreds)?

            2. Don't cook with it. Drizzle it on everything.

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                "Don't cook with it. Drizzle it on everything."

                Absolutely. Vegetables, fruits, salads, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh ricotta. Make a pesto! Go wild!!! :)

              2. I third (or fourth) the drizzling. A neutral background will really allow the oil to shine if that's what you want - homemade ricotta or imported burrata are both divine drizzled with olive oil and spread on crostini (or just spooned into your mouth straight!). A salad of baby greens and/or herbs with the oil and a touch of good balsamic.

                1. Assuming current vintage which l believe is still 2010, you do have a great product. l keep mine in fridge so gets hard and will last a long, long time. My fav is freshly chewy bread with a dip of the oil and fleur de sel. Also topped a crema gelato with a spoon or so, oh my.

                  1. How does it taste? Fruity, pungent, astringent or peppery?

                    As others have suggested, use it as a finishing oil if you like the taste.

                    1. Although I do not disagree with any of the suggestions that you should enjoy the oil with good bread and salt, I would not start there. I'd start with a spoon.

                      Besides that, another simple pleasure would be to drizzle some on some good sweet corn - feel free to add a little salt.

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                        agree with the spoon, or little cup to sip it. Best way to do a tasting to pick up on flavor notes in the oil.

                      2. Agree with the others, and if it's that good, you can even drizzle over vanilla ice cream (haagen-dazs or similar quality).

                        1. May sound odd, but I like a goodly drizzle over air-popped popcorn.

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                          1. a drizzle over mashed potatoes made with cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano

                            1. Get some equally expensive oysters to eat raw. Drizzle the olive oil on each one and a pinch of good sea salt. A dab of Sriracha is also good. And...how about steaming some good quality peel and eat shrimp. Make a dipping sauce from lemon (or lime) plus sea salt plus your olive oil.

                              1. I drizzle good quality olive oil on freshly steamed veggies- my husband just now realized I don't use butter!

                                1. Olive oil popcorn. Use hot air poper, drizzle generously with oil, then salt to taste.

                                  Drizzle on pizza. Not before cooking but at the table, right before you eat it.

                                  Make a simple meat broth, veggie soup with pasta, then the moment before you serve it ladel in at least a cup of oil. I had this in Sicily and 2 full ladels of 1 day old oil were used. It was as if I was in heaven,,, eating soup.