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Aug 9, 2011 06:47 AM

Questions about local places

When we go somewhere even for a long weekend, we like to peruse the not so touristy grocers for some more local (albeit chain) places that we don't have back home. We will have a car in LV and will be venturing out on more than one occasion for some work appts.
I have been reading about the following places and wondered if anyone could chime in:
1. Patisserie Manon: Great hearty French/Italian bread for far less cost than Bon Bread in Town Square($6/loaf); amazing patisserie to rival anyone on the Strip. Locally owned and very high quality. May by some desserts to fly home with to bring to work the next day.
2. Parma Deli - ???Italian goodies?
3. Sunflower Market - To replace the Batali/Bastianich market that was shut down. Produce and groceries at great prices.
We have visited Whole Foods in the past to stock up on our way to Grand Canyon, but thought we'd try something else.
Any thoughts?

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  1. Here is a link to an article that I found in this week's Vegas Seven magazine:

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      Nice. Will print out and plot it on my map in case we are in the general area.

    2. For great prices on fruits, and veggies check out a Mariana's Market, Marketon (formely King Ranch Market), or Cardena's market. They are Mexican markets that have a good selection of items. All 3 have weekly ads online.

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        And the snack bar/restaurant at the Valley View Mariana's is worth a stop to eat even if you aren't shopping.