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Aug 9, 2011 06:21 AM

I have excess dark rum

So I have a good problem. My inlaws regularly go on cruises to the Caribbean and they always bring me back a bottle of good dark rum. The problem is that I don't generally drink rum so it just sits there. We're going on vacation this weekend and I want to pre-mix a beverage using this dark rum. Any suggestions?

Since this is a vacation there are essentially no restrictions. I will gladly drink a pink beverage as long as there is a body of water in sight. I am looking for drinks where the dark rum is featured if for no other reason than I need to use it up.


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  1. So many options. Dark rum and tonic with lime is very nice. If you're looking for something with an interesting edge, try:

    Millionaire #4

    1 1/2 oz Jamaican rum, Myers's
    3/4 oz Sloe gin
    3/4 oz Apricot liqueur
    1 1/4 oz Lime juice
    1 wdg Lime (as garnish)

    Shake, strain, straight up, cocktail glass, garnish

    Or my favorite:

    Bitter Mai Tai
    by Jeremy Oertel, Brooklyn's Dram, NY

    1 1/2 oz Campari
    3/4 oz Jamaican rum, Smith & Cross
    1 oz Lime juice
    3/4 oz Orgeat
    1/2 oz CuraƧao

    Shake and strain into an Old Fashioned glass over crushed ice, garnish with a mint sprig.

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    1. Not a drink, but because of your name I wanted to suggest a use for a bit of it. Briefly marinate fresh pineapple in rum and a scraped vanilla bean. Grill it and enjoy.

      Sorry I don't have your cocktail answer but I'm anxious to read the replies you'll get.

      Have a great weekend!

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      1. re: AnneMarieDear

        Or cinnamon instead of ( maybe in addition to?) the vanilla bean. We did that on the 4th and it was great.

        1. re: ncyankee101

          Cinnamon sounds like a delicious addition, will try it next time!

      2. Could you list the rums? Rum has to be one of the most diverse categories of spirits there is with so many different flavors and styles going on.

        1. Pack them all into a large box, wrapping carefully with bubble wrap. Then ship to me...

          Zombie's, Mai Tais, Dark and Stormy, Daiquiris can all be made with dark rum. YUM.

          1. On further reflection, having too much dark rum is sort of like being too young, too rich, or too skinny...

            All are impossibilities.

            In fact the very concept violates a fundamental law of booze-physics or perhaps more aptly mathematics... what is the square root of -1?

            It does not exist, it is an imaginary number.

            If you measure the position of a particle, it is impossible to know the momentum.

            Do we have here the Boozenberg Impossibility Principle?

            If dark rum exists, and I believe in fact it does, then the equation is stated thusly:

            L (Q dR ) = Too Much

            L = the liquor cabinet of any individual
            Q = the quantity of any alchoholic libation therein
            dR = dark Rum

            The equation above is a null set, an impossibility. It does not exist.

            The statement "I have too much dark rum" is really more of a rhetorical philosophical provocation than an actual genuine potential state of existence.

            God man, get some ice, a lime, and some soda and get to work!

            If all else fails, feed it to the cat. At least you'll have a happy kitty.


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              Take clean lowball glass. Pour 2 oz of dark rum into it. Remove three twenties from your wallet. Light them on fire. Sip from glass while imagining the single malt that you would have bought with that money.