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Aug 9, 2011 03:21 AM

Where's the beef near Eastham on Cape Cod?

My family is renting a house in Eastham, Cape Cod for a week. We have stayed there before and shopped at Shaw's. But this time I would also like to find a source for better quality meats. Particularly beef, chicken and pork. Is there any store/butcher in the Orleans/Eastham area other than Shaw's that you would suggest?

Also, for one night I would like to buy some lobster and clams for guests for a clam boil. Where do you recommend?

Thanks so much, Trish!

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  1. My wife's lifelong friend is a resident of Eastham and whenever we are guests for a special event she gets her meat at the Eastham Superette. Head and shoulders above the Orleans super Stop and Shop (although they are not bad). Don't even know if they have a butcher, but Friend's Market in Orleans is supposed to be very good too.

    Best place for clams and lobsters in that area would be Mac's Seafood just up the road (also Eastham) or Nauset Fish Market in Orleans. Many good choices here.

    1. For fresh fish/lobsters I would add Friendly Fisherman market as well. Really great! On 6 right by the intersection at Brackett Road, next to the bike shop and Nauset Ice Cream.

      Nauset Ice Cream
      4550 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642

      1. Thos and Science, thank you for the good-sounding rec's!

        By any chance is the Stop & Shop a former Shaw's? I ask that because the Shaw's in my town in Connecticut went bye bye after a couple years and was replaced by S&S. Shaw's was in Orleans a couple years ago. If the S&S is not a replacement, do you think it is better than Shaw's?

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          No. Shaw's is at the other end of town (closer to Brewster) while The Stop & Shop is nearer Eastham. I guess it's a tossup, but the S&S seems a lot bigger than the Shaw's and more open. They also had great bargains on plants, of all things.

        2. Nauset Farms, on Main St. in East Orleans, has an excellent butcher.

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          1. Just a quick follow up:

            Ended up buying steak (ribeyes and sirloins) at Eastham Superette for $12.99 a pound. My nephew cooked them up with Montreal spicing and we grilled them. Delicious.

            Turns out the person I wanted the lobster and clams for was in a mood for steak, so we didn't need to shop for seafood this time.

            Also, we shopped at both Stop & Shop and Shaw's for non-meat items, and I preferred the selection and overall experience better at Shaw's.

            The Log Cabin farmstand in Eastham had delicious tomatoes and very good fresh corn.

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            1. re: TrishUntrapped

              where is the farmstand ? right on rt 6?

              1. re: magiesmom

                On Route 6, left side on your way into Eastham, maybe a half mile or so from the Orleans rotary.