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Aug 8, 2011 10:49 PM

Where to find good chutneys?

Hi guys. Wondering which places have the best chutneys that I can order in containers to go. and/or is there a great brand of bottled chutney, and where can I find it? I'm obsessed with chutneys!! Thanks!

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  1. When I was living in the UK, my favorite chutneys were:

    Geeta's Lime and Chilli Chutney

    Geeta's Mango Chutney

    Mrs Basra's coriander curry paste

    Geeta's chutneys are available from:

    The best US-made chutney I've found is Stonewall Mango Chutney:

    It's a little more syrupy than chunky than I would like, but has excellent flavor. It's also on the expensive side. I'm pretty sure we got this at the Whole Foods on Arroyo in Pasadena.

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      Wow, this is great info. And I will definitely look next time I go to WF. Thanks so much!

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        CORRECTION: I meant Sukhi's, not Stonewall. Stonewall is okay, but not as good as Sukhi's:

        The description above ("more syrupy than chunky") applies to Sukhi's not Stonewall.

        Both are available at the Whole Foods on Arroyo in Pasadena. Sukhi's is not available in the Whole Foods in Hastings Ranch in Pasadena, so it may only be at the larger Whole Foods, e.g., El Segundo, An older post mentioned that Suhki's is available at Surfas, too, but often out of stock.

    2. I am also a huge fan of chutneys. My favorite was the Hot Lime Pickle that was made by Bharat Bazaar on Washington in WLA. Then it closed down.

      I would love to find recommendations of Indian delis in Artesia that also make their own and sell them in pickling jars. Home made cannot be beat.


      Bharat Bazaar
      11510 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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        Hmmm... as an Indian, we had some home made pickles, but they were necessarily simple - mainly limes, and stuffed chillis. Most of the pickles we ate growing up were bought from stores, or small cottage industries that would sell them door to door, or nowadays through local outlets. Most of the pickles we eat here in SoCal are store bought - there is such a wide variety. We like Bedekar's mixed pickles, and most of their other offerings. Several years ago a friend from Hyderabad (he is a big shipping magnate in India) brought with him 3 homemade pickles - but those were items from his farm and were pickled by his horde of house help!
        Indian chutneys are a different proposition - usually freshly made and consumed in 1-2 days - tomato, raw mango, raw papaya, and any sour fruit (starfruit, carambola).
        Most of the pickles provided table side in the restaurants in Artesia are not very good. We only eat them if absolutely necessary.
        Here is a thread on home made pickles that has some recipes - it is a long discussion thread, where most can be skipped -