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Aug 8, 2011 10:43 PM

Chest freezer

We are about to enter kitchen reno hell. Fortunately, we will not be at home for it. [how great is that? Designer will email photos every day.. I will still worry. We've dealt with this team in the past. All will be well.]

Anyway, I am disliking most current refrigerator choices. I think we will go back to a traditional up/freezer-down/fridge model -- but with an icemaker in the freezer section, the space will not be adequate.

We need a small chest freezer. Those of you who own one, what did you buy? What capacity? We are only two, and we love bread. One buys bread, rolls, burger buns, and all of a sudden you have a freezer stuffed with bread.

Please help me decide what small standalone freezer to purchase. Thank you !!

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  1. There aren't that many choices in the 7-8 cu ft range. Have you gone to Sears?

    1. We got ours at Costco about 7 years ago. Still working great. I use mine to hold the larger Costco sized items, Costco meats that I freeze in smaller freezer bags, and leftovers that I portion out and freeze.

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      1. re: boogiebaby

        Sears and Costco are both on the list to check for options. The small chain we will probably buy new appliances from also has freezers, but they are too large.

        Thank you both!

      2. Have you considered a small upright freezer? We bought a 5 c.f. upright from Sears, but they also had a larger one (I think 7 c.f.) for sale. Because I am "vertically challenged", the upright works great for me. We keep all sorts of things in it - containers of stock, boxes of ice cream bars, bread, etc. Things that we like to have more immediate access to (meat and seafood, frozen juice, potstickers, etc.) stay in the regular freezer.

        Sears was the only store where we found small uprights. However, we found small chest freezers at our local appliance stores, not the big box type of stores.

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          I also bought a small Summit upright freezer (like this one: I got it online, which worked out well. In my household, like yours, we are two people who like bread, and one person who likes to cook huge quantities of stews/etc. to keep in the freezer for easy weekday dinners. This freezer has worked very well for us--we've had it about five years now. I like the idea of the upright because chest freezers (1) are too tall for me to dive into, (2) are too prone to swallowing food that you can't see and never remember exists, and (3) take up kitchen space without having a top that you can store things on. The upright freezer solves those issues.

          1. re: goodeatsgal

            an upright would be perfect! We are going to hit Sears and Lowe's this weekend to look, Oh, thank you all for the suggestions!.

            1. re: nikkihwood

              One other thing I should have mentioned. Our upright, which is a Kenmore brand, is manual defrost. I would have preferred an automatic defrost, but since the freezer is so small (and the only one of the size we could find), I figured it wouldn't be too much of a problem. We've had the freezer for over 6 months and there is a thin layer of ice on the walls, but we haven't yet felt the need to defrost. I'm hoping we'll only have to defrost once a year.

              1. re: goodeatsgal

                Mine is manual, too. I've had it for about five years and only defrosted it twice. It really doesn't get bad at all.

          2. I got mine, a Holiday, from Lowes, think it's 14 cf. It was inexpensive and it works great and fits neatly in the corner of my kitchen.

            1. I have a small Frigidaire brand, manual defrost chest freezer; I am happy with it. It has a metal inside liner, not plastic.

              Should have bought one size up, though.

              My previous (30 year old) chest freezer went to my adult daughter and son-in-law. Turns out they have the better of the two. They don't make them like that anymore.