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Aug 8, 2011 08:23 PM

Just got 100 dollar Moxie's Restaurant gift card. Is this a good or a bad thing...?

Well, I am in the midst of a stupidly simple basement restoration that has totally backfired.
With apology from our super nice and seemingly competent contractors, they apologized with a Moxy's gift card for the substantial delays.

Any ideas if it's worth booking a sitter for dinner, or just drink my sorrows away there or bring my daughter's playmates there for lunch and spend it on kids meals?


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  1. LOL, could be a bad thing;)

      1. Hey, it's free. :) But seriously, go and have a bottle of wine and order things that don't look too complex -- a bunch of apps, maybe a steak.

        1. Perhaps the chain is not consistent, but I've had some pretty good meals at the Moxie's near me, especially at lunch. I say take the kids and have lunch. The food won't match the atmosphere, but I had a really nice fish taco at lunch there a few months ago while shopping in the big box stores that surround the local Moxie's. And my kids enjoyed their meals.

          It won't blow your socks off, and I wouldn't travel an hour to get there, but I find it way better than any of the other chains. As a reference, my family will not voluntarily eat at East Side Marios, Montana's, Boston Pizza or Jack Astor's.

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            I’ve said this on other threads, the Moxie’s at Scarborough Town Centre is really good. I’ve had some fantastic meals there. The other Moxie’s locations I’ve gone to have ranged from fine to horrible (avoid the Yonge/Sheppard location!) but the STC location has been excellent almost every time I’ve been. They just seem to do things better there.

            STC’s veal burger is wonderful and the white chocolate brownie is also seriously delicious (as is their sticky toffee pudding). Very tasty cocktails too.

            If you don’t want the certificate, I’ll take it and go to the STC location ;)

            1. re: CanadaGirl

              Agreed. For a chain, I think the food is pretty decent. I too, enjoyed the fish tacos there.

              1. re: wherejessate

                Nice pic. I got the side salad with my fish tacos. Nice salad.

            2. I ate there with my husband for a quick meal while shopping at Yorkdale mall. It was o.k. The servers are dressed in short black dresses and the atmosphere is like a dark club... weird sense it was noon and we were in the mall. The food was like apple bee's, just o.k. for me, not bad, they did have drink specials.

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              1. re: danionavenue

                I haven't been to Moxie's in a couple years, but the food I've ordered at ON and AB Moxie's has been tastier than the food I've ordered at ON Kelsey's or ON Milestones, and much, much tastier than my 2 experiences at Applebee's in the States. Despite its cheezy fake nightclub atmosphere, I'd choose the Yorkdale Moxie's over Yorkdale Milestones.

                The Yorkdale Milestones and the Dixon Rd Milestones (near Pearson) serve food that is subpar compared to the food at other Milestones, in my experience.

                Have found the starters to be decent at the Yorkdale location. I used to like the salads and Beef dip in AB, but I haven't ordered those items at an ON Moxie's.