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Aug 8, 2011 08:02 PM

White Pies in Charlotte?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good white-style pizza in town? Fuel and Hawthorne's versions are passable, but I miss a really good one.

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    1. White pizza is my absolute favorite! Lorenzo's has a good one. They put ricotta cheese on there's , in addition to the mozz and garlic and olive oil. Palone's has one similiar to Lorenzo's. Both are in South Charlotte/Ballantyne area.

      But I would think any pizza place would and could make you one if you asked.

      1. Intermezzo makes the best pizzas I've had in town.

        1. Has anyone tried the white pie (or any pie?) at Villa Francesca? Looks promising!

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            I've been dragged to VF a couple of times. I should try the white pizza next time because the one thing I didn't like about the other pizza I had there was that their sauce was way too sweet. I also found it to be pretty expensive.