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Aug 8, 2011 07:58 PM

Fancy,challenging dinner recipe needed

i am an "accomplished" (meaning I've tried and succeeded at most things I've tried to make and done pretty well) home cook. I am looking for something that is fancy, difficult/challenging t make and presents really well as something that you would get at a foodie restaurant. Doesn't have to be plated like that, haha I'm not that fancy but I want tit to taste really good and be something that I've never tried before. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Poularde de Bresse truffée en vessie avec la sauce Albuféra (Bresse chicken with black truffle cooked in a pig bladder served with Albuféra sauce).

    Tourte de gibier à plumes et foie gras (pastry-encased game meat pate with foie gras).

    el Bulli 2011 oaxacan taco

    Good enough start?

    1. I generally get shot down for this suggestion, but Thomas Keller's blowtorch rib roast (prime rib) is one of the nicest presentations I've ever had. Of course, you'll need to make au jus, either with your own beef broth or from a box. Pair it with some sort of potato dish, and perhaps some roasted brussels, and you've a pretty fancy dinner.

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        I would counter Keller's rib roast with Heston Blumenthal's blowtorch steak.

        By the way, it's "jus". "Au jus" means "with jus". If you're going to suggest that the roast be made, I think that the jus should be made from scratch with either veal or beef broth made from bones. It's supposed to be a challenging dinner recipe.

      2. Not knowing what "type" of food you like to prepare I have a couple of suggestions that worked well in my past:

        Beef Wellington- the old Continental Cuisine workhorse, when done right, is a fabulous and indulgent dish. It's challenging for the home cook to manage the pastry and cook the filet "enough" without over-cooking. And you can do incremental challenges to make the whole dish more difficult: make your own puff pastry instead of buying, you can make your own pate instead of buying (or using foie gras (sp?)), you can make high quality stock to make madeira sauce with, etc..

        Easier stuff-
        *making husemade "neo" raviolis/mezza lunas/tortellonis always please guests- and they are a nice blank canvas to work from so you can be as creative or traditional as you want
        *ever made souffles? rough stuff with great results
        *pick something from the French Laundry cookbook- I made salmon "poached" in olive oil.. crazy expensive to do but remarkable results

        1. Michael Mina has a recipe for dover sole (just use sole filets) that's incredibly beautiful and difficult.

          Roast cauliflower and make a cauliflower puree after cutting cauliflower, adding cream, etc.

          Salt and pepper fish, get a mandolin and thinly slice small potatoes, dip in tapioca starch/water mixture and then apply slices to filets, overlapping one another to cover the filet. Saute on both sides until done.

          Make a beurre blanc.

          Place puree on bottom, followed by fish, add buerre blanc, and top with a little bit of caviar.