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Aug 8, 2011 06:58 PM

Visit to Breaux Bridge, LA Labor Day Weekend (4days) - Recommendations

Willing to drive an 1.5 hour in any direction (no to NO) from Breaux Bridge. Already have La Poussière, and Café des Amis Cajun Restaurant on the agenda. Anything goes for me, would love to hear suggestions.

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  1. First thing, this is the New Orleans board so you might try the Central South board.

    My two faves are Frey's Crawfish House in Jennings and Billy's Mini-Mart in Krotz Springs (Billy's for boudin balls only).

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    1. re: texasredtop

      Frey's in Jennings is closed, texasredtop.

    2. Poche's Market, just a lil' bit north of Breaux Bridge at Poche bridge:
      Be sure to check out Lucullus, a shop full of culinary antiques:

      1. Eating in Breaux Bridge is more about take-away food than it is about eating in restaurants.

        Firstly, I'd recommend a visit to Best Stop in Scott, LA. Its an old gas station turned fulltime meat market with the best versions of all of the great western LA meats; some coonass stuff. Next, you might want to head into Henderson, LA (about ten minutes away) and fish for dinner. There is fantastic fishing for free (if youre smart about it) and you are basically guaranteed a catch or two. Then there is Bayou Boudin & Cracklins in Breaux Bridge, which offers basic LA country breakfasts and lunches. If you want a meal out, venture into Lafayette to Prejean's for some pretty basic but great LA country food.

        The best Breaux Bridge food will be found at the counter of random gas stations. Resign yourself to food under a warmer and you'll find the best stuff west of New Orleans.

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          Bayou Boudin is great but never seems to be open. Call ahead like... tomorrow. Its cabins are also a great place to stay. Take a swamp tour with Butch they will give you his number. Skip his son's tour.

          Charlie T's is amazing try the seafood boudin. Mulate's has great live bands. Crawfish USA is terrible. Cafe Des Amis is great. Babineaux's is hardcore but I love it. Last time GF was spooked that animals were arriving to be slaughtered.

          The Laura Plantation on the way from NO is a great time!

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            Really, you're recommending Prejean's? Really? Come on man. That place is a big ole tourist trap. Like a lot of the places in the quarters. The food was very below substandard for the price and there are so many better places. New Iberia has a few. Jane's Seafood and Chinese on hwy 31 is great and you get so much more for your money.
            Peace Out!!

            1. re: ilikeNOLA

              Yeah, Prejean's, not so much. Riverside Inn is in a similar vein and is much better, imo.

          2. Charlie T's in Breaux Bridge is my fav boudin in S. La. Better than Best Stop by a long shot, imo. Although Best Stop does have tasty, hot boudin balls on site ready to eat. Poor Boy's Riverside Inn in S. Lafayette is fantastic. There's lots of great blue plate lunch spots in lafayette: t-coon's, ton's, Billeaud's. Boiling Point in New Iberia has great boiled seafood. Stop in Poupart's bakery, too.

            Boiling Point
            2998 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458

            1. Babineaux's slaughter house has the creepiest customer service, no dining room, and no sides. It's one of the few places that still does boudin noir, though.